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Dream big, success will follow

In less than 24 hours, athletes from around the globe will be anticipating the start of the 34th Ironman World Championships. And then there are the athletes who are actually competing in the 2012 Ironman World Championships. Every athlete who has earned his/her place to be at the starting line  will discover his/her inner strength as the Big Island will likely not hold back with fierce winds and heat for 140.6 miles of swim,bike and run. For the athletes experiencing their first Kona, this will be an unbelievable experience. Nothing can describe what it feels likes to be at the center stage of Ironman. For many, October 13th 2012 is a day that many have dreamed of for 5, 10, 15+ years....finally earning a spot to race amongst the best in the world. For the athletes who are veterans to the Ironman World Championships, it is the positive energy that radiates from every person on the island, that keeps athletes inspired and determined to return, year after year. I wasn't a

Does your daily plate fuel you?

  I can't believe one year ago, I was checking myself in at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Hopefully one day I will earn my way back to the Big Island for Kona #3.     Karel enjoyed his vacation by exploring on his bike, finding the steepest mountains on the island. Perhaps one day he will be racing in Kona on a tri bike?   Last year, I had the opportunity to write a piece for LAVA online, taking your plate to the big island .   I asked my editor if I could take a break from my monthly Plate Not Pills Column and dedicate an article specifically to fueling the body for an Ironman. But, my intent was not to write an article specifically for Ironman athletes.   I hope you enjoy my article that will inspire and motivate you to create a plate (3 a day) that will fuel your lifestyle. Keeping in mind that it is the synergy of nutrients that helps improve overall health and provide fuel to the body, never overlook the importance of emphasizi

Tempeh and black bean stir fry

Every time I work at Baptist Medical Center Beaches (where I work as a clinical dietitian, as needed), I bring my lunch. I love it when people ask " what creation did you make today?" as it gives me great joy to share with others what I am enjoying. Maybe I smile too much when I eat? Key word: ENJOY Because I make my lunch the night before (typically leftovers), I am always so excited to see how it tastes the next day. I have yet to be disappointed and my meals leave me super satisfied because I am making meals that fit my needs. I am not out to impress others as to how "low carb, low fat, low calorie" I can eat for I don't believe a diet should be low in anything. Bad, off-limit, won't find me ever saying those words when it comes to my diet or the food I am eating. I want a meal to leave me satisfied so that I have energy later in the day and to be productive, alert and so my mood stays happy all day. It's so much fun to describe th

Happy 5th Birthday Campy!!

Our life was changed four years ago. Campy came into our life and when I blogged about it (HERE)  we never imagined that we would love him more and more, every day. Every morning, Campy wakes up with energy and smiles, loving the opportunity to live another day. Come evening, Campy is thankful he had another day to make memories. We are so lucky to have Campy as part of our family. It is a responsibility that I love and I couldn't imagine my life without him. Campy has taught us so many things in life, amazingly, without even saying a word. Celebrating 4 amazing years with Campy has given me a huge appreciation for life and what it means to live life to the fullest. Not a day passes that I am not grateful for the opportunities I have been given, the memories I have made, the achievements I have worked hard for and the people in my life who love and support me. I smile everyday because I give myself many reasons to be happy and to enjoy the life I choose to live. One of m