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Top Chef

I've been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old. I swam in HS and in College and started running my senior year of college (2000). For 13 1/2 years I have been learning how to eat like an athlete. I would say that the first 10 years of being a vegetarian were really hard. At first I cut out the meat for animal reasons but kept my normal diet. Therefore, cheese on everything, salads w/ ranch dressing, cheez-its, chips, a few veggies every now and then (like carrots w/ ranch and celery w/ PB) and lots of pasta and pizza. Although I had no idea what my insides looked like with much of my diet being filled with carbs and fat, I was kinda bulky, but strong, due to all my days of swimming. From HS to the end of college my life was swimming. I swam 6 days a week and with most of the weekdays being two-a-days (especially in college), I probably averaged 10,000-12,000 yards a day of swimming. I was burning A LOT of calories in those days! However, I was eating like a teenage/college athlete

The heart!

Since it is getting close to v-day I thought I would talk about the heart. Last night in my medical terminology class we discussed the cardiovascular system. As my teacher was lecturing about the chambers, path of blood flow and heart problems I was brought back to graduate school. My cardio phys class was 4 hours long (6-10pm) on monday evening. It was my first semester of grad school and the class was intense! However, I really started enjoying my marathon training (not a triathlete at the time) when I started taking that cardiovascular physiology class. I just think it is so cool how the heart responds to exercise and with training. There are so many physiological changes with training! I think we (me included) often forget the meaning behind training. Too often we train to get faster, get stronger, lose weight or gain power . But in our task of trying to reap the benefits quickly and becoming disturbed and bothered if we don't see those changes over night, we forget that the he

Busy in school

I am getting ready for my last test of the week. I had an examine mon and tues and I am ready for this week (of school) to be over with!! I think I am doing really well in my classes but the studying is getting the best of me. I just want to watch reality shows, ride my bike and go to bed at 9:30. ahhh, what a life I had before I enrolled in school :) In my global marketing class we discussed the super bowl commercials. My professor had a great website link that I wanted to share. You can check out the interest of people during the commercials, based on a study. Of course, seeing that I am so analytical, I really enjoyed the commercials so much more after seeing how other people viewed the commercials. That's not to say I agree with the subjects in the study however. I had a few favorites, which involved the Pepsi head banging, the Budweiser dog and horse (who didn't love that!) and the Tide stain. I can't stop laughing at that stain! Oh, and when will farrell did his comme

Happy Super Bowl!!!

One of the only times I can't wait for the commercials!!! I have a global marketing assignment to watch the commercials..I get a grade for taking notes during the superbowl!! I hope everyone has a great super bowl sunday!!! Just a quick update..I had a super morning. Ran 9 miles and felt so fresh. I was daydreaming about my wedding, being on Ellen one day and future articles and I ran 2 miles and didn't even know it! Has that ever happened to you? I know it happens sometimes when you are driving but I was literally running on a familiar road and before I knew it I was 2 miles away from where I started zoning out! Now if I could only do that in EVERY race I do!!! Actually, I like zoning out just as much as I like the self-talk to keep me going. After the run I jumped on my bike for a 25 mile bike ride. The weather was humid but comfortably cool and I didn't want to get off my bike. The rest of the day was studying for my exam tomorrow (I have another exam on tues and wed). K