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Showing posts from May 25, 2014

Celebrating more than 32 years of life today

I started early....whipping up a delicious Trimarni creation! Wow! I have been living for 11680 days! Today celebrates 32 years that I have been on this Earth.  32 years of growing, learning, overcoming obstacles and heartache, laughing, loving, traveling, making memories, crossing finishing lines and experiencing life.  Today is not only my birthday but also the day when I met my life partner, Karel.  Meeting Karel on my birthday not only made it easy for us to remember the first day when we met (which resulted from us being set-up by mutual friends on a group bike ride) but it's very special that I will always be able to celebrate living another year of life with someone who I get to share the rest of my life with.  And if you know us well, we sure do love to experience life with our gift of good health.  I could fill this blog with hundreds and hundreds of words about all the experiences and memories I have

Strong - steady swim set

As a life long swimmer, swimming is therapy for me. It's my outlet to think about future Trimarni creations, for the right words and sentences for my articles and also my happy place to just be alone with my body and mind.  Unlike running, swimming is non-weight bearing and for my body, swimming is an opportunity for me to recover in the water and also to push in the water.   Unlike most sports, you can be moving for a long time but the distance you cover leaves you with the same sights as when you started. But, your body still knows you covered a specific amount of distance even though you are just swimming 25 yards at a time.  I really appreciate my good health when I swim.  I love how my muscles work to keep me moving. Stroke after stroke, they contract and relax to help me power through my strokes. Sometimes my muscles get tired and boy oh boy do I feel it, but then I really appreciate my good health in knowing that with a little rest I can still repeat my effort

Eggplant pizza, mango slaw and more!

On Saturday, my body did not disappoint me. I was actually very impressed with how my body performed with 6800 feet of climbing over 85 beautiful, hilly miles. Our ride included a 45-minute (for me), 5 mile climb to the top of Ceasers Head which has an elevation of 3215 feet. And to finish off the fun, I had a good two more hours of riding behind Karel's wheel to finish off our workout. In the past I would have called this a training camp but now it's just part of our training, in our new backyard. I will do a separate blog on this ride soon. In the mean time, let's eat! After our 85-mile ride and 4 mile run, we did a little resting coupled with computer work and then it was time for some meal prep for our first house guests in Greenville! Our friends Kristen and Trent Norris (and Trimarni athletes) came to Greenville from Charleston for their own personal Trimarni mini training camp in prep for Ironman Boulder and since nothing beats a home cooked meal, I coul