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Race Report - 2.5 mile open water swim

Hammerhead Ocean Marathon Race Report
4:20am - wake up. 
Well, it was supposed to be 4:30am but two furry cats decided it was breakfast time. 
Karel and Campy "slept in" til 5am and after I had coffee and a pre race snack of shredded wheat cereal + small banana w/ PB and cinnamon + tall glass of water, I was out the door around 5:10am to head to Jacksonville Beach. 
My open water swim race morning started with a 6.5 mile run. Close enough to the ocean to hear the waves yet dark enough to zone out and focus on my form. I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to have a body that loves to do what I make it do every day. MOVE. 
All sweaty and ready to cool off, I met Karel at the lifeguard station/packet pickup at 7am and he had our packets/chips all ready for the event. 
Karel and I grabbed our stuff from our cars across the street and killed some time chatting with our tri friends that we hadn't seen in a few weeks due to our trip to Placid and other things in our lif…

Managing pre-race nerves

The mind is an amazing thing. You can use it wisely to discover how strong you really are in life or you can let it fill up with negative thoughts and emotions which then lead you to damaging  actions. 
When it comes to life, it's easy to sweat the small stuff. I find that many athletes waste a lot of energy on things out of their control and I'll be the first to admit that I still want to discuss situations that I can not control with Karel and Gloria. Oh jeez, I can't tell you how many times I have worried about the wind and weather only to find myself quickly feel re-assured that I can deal with every situation that is within my control. I am constantly in-tune with my waves of emotions before a race and I have to remind myself over and over that 2,3-6 weeks ago I craved this day to come with every awesome workout complete. I remind myself that racing in triathlons is a choice- a choice that I commit myself to and I must finish the task at hand. For I paid money to tra…

Watermelon ginger smoothie

Oster BRLY07-B 7-Speed Fusion Blender
I love my is affordable and it durable. Two very important criteria for a Trimarni blender..for any food or gadget in my kitchen must fuel my active and healthy lifestyle. I don't eat for calories but for health, performance and for pleasure. 
When it comes to my eating "style", I'd say it is very intuitive. There's a lot of thinking about how food will make me feel as I eat it and afterward, some planning ahead but absolutely no guilty thoughts. I do not lecture or stress about food and eating is a happy time. Certainly, this was a long time in the making for several years of discovering a way of eating that works for me. But for the last few years, I have found myself with food freedom. In other words, food does not consume my life but instead it enhances me life. Food is not bad, overwhelming or difficult to understand but instead, something that I need on a daily basis for fuel and for health but also for t…

A few of my favorite happy tummy eats

When it comes to discovering the best diet and exercise routine for you body and lifestyle, you must remember that you are eating for you and exercising for your goals. Never be afraid of what others will think of you as you nourish and fuel and work your body to encourage a long, happy life. Although you should never feel isolated because of your eating and exercise routine, keep in mind that your balanced diet and exercise routine may inspire others. 
GINGER! Why I love it? Natural anti-inflammatory and perfect for the tummy when fueling with sport nutrition products. Also a must for me on the days leading up to the race to help with pre-race nerves affecting digestion. Also helpful for nausea.

EDAMAME! Why I love it? 1/2 cup + 13g of protein!!! Not only is it delicious but it also provides iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium along with over 400 mg of potassium.

TRAIL MIX Why I love it?  A perfect combo of protein, carbs and fat to keep my brain, body and tummy happy. I portion con…

Healthy, budget and kid friendly lunch ideas

First off, a few yummy recent creations from my Facebook page that were enjoyed while working at Baptist Medical Center Beaches last week. Delicious fuel for my body and brain to help me be a great clinical RD to be patients.
 Fruit salad oatmeal
Peaches Strawberries
Walnuts and sunflower seeds
Oatmeal (1/2 cup dry)
Water (to meet consistency needs)
~10-15g protein (Whey protein - if I don't add it I'm hungry in an hour)
1 tbsp flax seeds

Yogurt parfait
~4 ounces greek yogurt (Fage 0%) Grapes
Granola (a few spoonfuls)
Trail mix (w/ a few M&M's for to make my tummy smile)

I had so much fun on set of News4Jax yesterday, talking about my tips for planning healthy, budget-friendly lunches for kids with Melanie. Here are the two segments: 
Part 1 - Don't make it complicated and Dips

Part 2 - Un-sandwich and creating balanced lunch meals

Trail run, beach and Tacos

When you own your own business, the weekends often get squeezed together with the weekdays as every day is a work day.

Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, LLC works great for Campy because in his world, every day is a weekend!!

I'm really looking forward to speaking at Speaking Of Women's Health in Jacksonville on August 24th on behalf of the HeartWise for Women prevention program. I can't wait for my talk on "Keeping eating healthy, easy and delicious" and doing a cooking demo with Mai Oui Gourmet catering my talk.

I also have a talk this Sunday with two other GI MD's at Baptist Medical Center Beaches where we will all be discussing GI related diseases and how they affect the fitness enthusiast. My portion will be on fueling the individual who has a GI-related disease (Crohn's, stomach cancer, IBS, celiac). 

I wonder what they are dreaming about?
It's been a very busy two weeks since returning from Lake Placid but I wouldn't want it any other way. 


Ironman Lake Placid RR: 140.6 miles post race

(Photo from Megan Wiseman - 3rd place)
It's been two weeks since Ironman Lake Placid and thankfully, the body remembers nothing of the race. 
But because there has been minimal working out and no structured training for the past 14 days, there hasn't been a chance for the body to notify me of any residual micro tears in my muscles and fibers that would cause me to experience lingering fatigue, soreness, burnout and aches post Ironman. Now I will say, 6th time around, I am very in-tune with my body after racing for 140.6 miles and knowing what to do post race is just as important as considering what not to do post race.
Here is how the exercise routine looked for the past two weeks, with no structure or alarms to tell me that I had to do something. Everything felt good when I did it and I stopped when I wanted to stop.
Mon - Wed post race: nothing
Tues post race: Walking around on Whiteface mountain for an hour
Thurs - 45 min swim
Fri - 45 min Swim
Sat and Sun - 2 hour road bike, EZ…