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Plant-based diet

As a vegetarian, it would seem logical that I would choose a plant-based diet. However, as a vegetarian athlete, it is important that I have a variety of foods in my diet to fuel my workouts and my lifestyle. More importantly, as a wife, doggy and cat mommy, daughter and sister, it is important that I give my body the best source of foods possible in order to live a long, active and healthy life. For me personally, I don't buy organic but maybe I will in the future. I stick to a budget with my groceries and I like to shop around. We are all different and we all have different nutrient needs. More so, we all live in different areas of the US/World and we all have different habits based on our culture and upbringing. Having said that, I have spent the last few years working with athletes and fitness enthusiast on the daily diet, training nutrition and racing nutrition. Alongside working with athletes, I have also spent many years trying to understand my own dietary needs in order to

Theme Meal - At least I didn't serve Tofu

I really needed a good night of sleep to reflect on the past few weeks. This was probably one of the most exhausting non-triathlon related things that I have ever done..both mentally and physically. A theme meal was the big project for my food service rotation. I have a bunch of other assignments and projects for this rotation but planning, preparing and serving a meal was the spotlight of this rotation. I spent the first 5 weeks of this rotation learning how the food service system works in the nursing home and familiarizing myself with equipment as well as ordering and preparing food in the most cost effective and safe manner. I still have 5 weeks to go to soak up as much information as I can but at half way, I feel really good as a dietetic intern, trying to learn how to be a dietary manager. I am certain that a dietary manager is not in my future as a career choice, but I am trying to make the most of it because I know that every part of this internship is valuable now and in the f

Almost ready

Well, tomorrow is my big theme day meal. I will be serving food to 60 employees for the monthly employee banquet at the Lakeside Nursing Home. I could not be more nervous about serving my "Farm to Table" selections to individuals who don't quite appreciate the benefits of healthy eating. Everyone at the facility is super nice but the rumor around the halls is that many of the employees are not too excited about trying my meal. This leaves me a little sad about tomorrow but I'm hoping for the best. I really compromised with my menu and I believe that the employees are really going to enjoy some, if not all, of my items. For the menu: Turkey Burger on Whole Wheat Bun Sun Chips Homemade Mango Salsa Walnut, Mandarin and Strawberry Salad Chocolate Chip Cookies Today I spent several hours in the kitchen preparing my homemade salsa and cookies. The cookies came out fantastic! So moist and yummy. I will be posting the recipes to my items (with pics) after tomorrow. While I wa

Alfalfa Sprouts, Tofu Salad - Creations

Based on the name, I don't think my salad could be any more "vegetarian". I don't know why alfalfa sprouts and tofu get a bad if only vegetarians can enjoy two amazing foods which contain great nutrients?!?!? Did you know that 1 cup of alfalfa sprouts contains 3g protein? Or that 1 cup contains 25% of your daily intake of vitamin C? I just love fruits and veggies.....there is so much goodness found in food straight from the earth. For me, personally, I know that my body loves food that contains little to no ingredients. Because of my plant-based diet (which is balanced with whole grains, healthy carbs, healthy fats, and quality protein), I experience very little sweet cravings and feel really in-tune with my appetite and every day nutrient needs. Even when I do enjoy something that is not in my typical diet, it is really easy to quickly feel satisfied. I can't say that my current daily diet happened overnight, but with meals like tonight....I can&

Amelia Island Half Ironman - Spectating

A BIG congrats goes out to ALL of the olympic distance and half ironman athletes on Sunday. What a fantastic event with such a beautiful day. I recommend this event to any newbie triathlete or a triathlete seeking a beautiful course...and a run course that has a lot of shade! To all of the locals, it was great seeing so many smiling faces and such great performances. Congrats to Katrine for placing 3rd place overall female and to her hubby, who placed 7th overall male. What a team! You both really raced hard and left it all out on the course! Congrats to Doris for racing strong despite a tummy ache the night before. Congrats to Rachel and Tyler for racing in their first ever Olympic Distance triathlon! Congrats to our good friend David in the Olympic distance...thanks for managing one of the best resorts in Florida...Ponte Vedra Lodge! Congrats to Hilary H. for having a PR in the Olympic distance, along with a 10K PR! Congrats to Susan Haag for being an unbelievable endurance athlete..

Amelia Island

It was time to get away. I needed a break from interning SO bad. Karel decided that this weekend would be perfect for us to spend a little time together....of course, with our furry little one. Although only an hour away, we made a trip to Campy's hometown. This trip was extra special because we found Campy online (Petfinder) and he was being fostered by a wonderful family who lived in Amelia Island. I lost their number but we so badly wanted to contact them this weekend and tell them in person how much we adore our rescued pet. We don't know Campy's story but we know that he spent some time on the streets of Amelia Island prior to being found/rescued. Now he has a family...and a mommy who loves him way too much. We took the ferry from Atlantic Beach to Fernandina beach and that was fun for all of us. Only a 5 min commute ($5 fee per car) but it was nice to do something we have never done before. We stayed at the Days inn and Suites which was at a perfect location for the t