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4th of July

What a great 3-day far. One more day to go but with my parents gone and school work to be done, boo for sunday. My parents came in on thurs and it was so good to see them. However, they brought their cats so we had an angry house. Princess Smudla (hence the pink collar) was not very happy but she did very well with the two boys (midnight and rugby) in the house. Friday morning Karel and I met the Open Road group ride and rode with them for 30 miles. It was a quick 30-miles as we averaged around 24-25 mph. I found myself making my way to the front in a single file line and with 3 guys to go, Karel rode up and told me we had to turn around. Phew...relief. I knew I couldn't keep that pace and I was just surprised I was staying on a wheel. On the way home, Karel pulled me in headwind and my legs never stopped pedaling. One of the downsides to riding on flats all the time. The roads were clear of cars which was great and I was really amazed that i could keep up with Karel.

Busy day

I stayed up a bit late last night (10pm) to finish some homework for my Food Service course. I am really excited about this course as well as community nutrition. I was enjoying my time off from no school work but I guess it is back to life. This morning I woke up at 6:30am, put on the running outfit and chatted with Karel as he got ready for his bike. Another tough workout for him with power intervals. I went for an hour and three minute run which came to about 8.3 miles. I must have been running fast because I could barely make it home. I work out on an empty stomach (aside from my coffee) but today I think I had nothing left in the tank. I bagged the bike after the run and called it a day. I wasn't sore or extremely tired after the run but I just didn't feel like doing anything else. No worries, too much to do today. I made my smoothie and watched a little tv. Since I don't stay up at night I like to record everything and have my "free time" in the morning befo

Wednesday morning w/ Karel

Lucky me....Karel and I rode together. I took out Blue since I don't have another Tri until the end of Aug. I just love riding my road bike, especially if I am not riding alone. Karel and I headed out at 7am and I couldn't wait until our normal 26 mile route. Karel had a super hard power workout yesterday which was based on his power testing that he did on sat. Karel's coach, Shawn Burke from Velocity Multisport has been awesome for Karel. Although Karel comes home from the workouts with shaky legs and a death look in his face, I think he is enjoying seeing himself getting stronger and faster. So, I guess this morning's workout was easy for him since he knew I had to stay on his wheel. We went on our normal roads for 11 miles and when we should have made a right we kept going straight. I didn't say anything because I thought we just bypassed the 2 mile stretch before making a left. Well, we kept going straight. Hummmm, where is he taking me. I didn't ask any que

Iron Girl race recap

As usual, I loved my Iron Girl experience. This was my first IG triathlon but I have had the opportunity to race the Iron Girl 10K in clearwater for the past 3 years. Race day morning started at 4:50am. Kate and I both slept great after falling asleep to our 2nd showing of the Wedding Crashers on TBS. First things first, time for coffee. After we made coffee, a cup for each of us, I took out the coffee beans so that I could heat some water for our oatmeal. Who needs a microwave when you have a coffee maker! We ate our oatmeal out of paper coffee cups the first day we were at the hotel and after a trip to Publix we had nice red and green plastic bowls to go with our plastic spoons. After we each had a packet of apple and cinnamon low sugar oatmeal, a few raisins and a little banana we were ready to get dressed in our racing gear. I sipped on my aminos and water starting after breakfast until the race start. I checked the weather before we left so we could have an idea of where the wind

Ironman and Healthy Eating

Kate and I had plenty of time to chat over the past 4 days. With Kate doing a 70.3 next weekend in Lake Stevens and then IMKY in August, I was entertaining her with plenty of nutrition strategy's for her races. I know she will do great despite the hot weather in Kentucky and based on this past weekend, she will rock the 70.3 bike course. I told her I'd give her 100 meters of my swim skills if she would give me 3 min. on a sprint bike course. It was a deal :) Well, after talking Ironman for at least 2 hours on sunday I knew that something has been missing in my life. I wasn't missing IM after I was learning how to walk again after Kona but ever since I've been able to run and feel strong during a race, I have been getting the IM vibe. Obviously, school is my number one concern right now. Not only is it taking a lot of time but also money. Karel always reminds me that our sports are part of our lives and that is what we do. We aren't professionals by any means but we

We are Iron Girls!!!

Just getting ready to hit the road. Kate and I couldn't have planned it any better. Kate: 9th place, 2nd age group. 1:28.22 Me: 10th place, 1st age group. 1:30.20 Too bad we were in different waves. Kate blew up the bike course and we both had fast runs. Well, fast as we could go for a sprint. Maybe if we had 10 or 23 more miles we could have gotten a rhythm. But for today, we had a challenging course, lots of hills on the bike and a really hard up and down run. Luckily, no hills on the swim. :) It was a tough day but we were happy to have a safe and fast race. Off we go back to Jacksonville. I'm sure Karel is missing us :) Thanks for all the good luck wishes to Kate and I! *Race results: