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Stay disciplined, not obsessed

  I've been here before, I know the feeling......sixteen times before I've questioned why I do this sport around 3-4 weeks out from Ironman race day.  That final prep in the Ironman journey is always a tough time.  Whereas my previous racing block (three 70.3's in 7 weeks) kept the motivation high for training, the past three weeks have been all about embracing the grind. I'm extremely thankful that I have not had any physical setbacks since the summer of 2019 and after 15 years, I am still passionate about long distance triathlon training and racing. A lot of that comes from having such a great playground for biking and running. But that doesn't mean that this last training block was smooth sailing.  There was self-doubt, there was fatigue, there was soreness and there were some niggles. But through it all, I've been consistently showing up and letting my body and mind work out their differences. However, on Friday last week, my body said "not today"

6-week check-in: Karel's Broken Hand

The past six weeks have been difficult. Although Karel's broken hand is surgically repaired, the recovery process has been rather painful and slow. Since I failed to blog about the crash back in May, here's a six-week check-in.  May 18th - The crash Gearing up for IM 70.3 Chattanooga, we were both in a bit of a taper funk. Karel had been watching mountain bike racing on TV and after participating in the recent Xterra event, he was so excited to get back on his mountain bike. With a happy ride on his training plan for the afternoon, he opted for the mountain bike trails at Pleasant Ridge Park. Around 3:20pm, Karel set out for a ~90 min ride while I opted for the indoor trainer and treadmill. Again, we were both in a funk and an indoor training session seemed like the path of the last resistance for myself. Nearing the end of my run, I received a call from Karel but I ignored it as I figured he was just calling me on his way home. It went to voicemail but I never received the not