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Quote, pics and a good read

"Don't be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves." Me and my best friend I'm so lucky to have these two in my life - Hubby and Campy Have you ever given any thought to seeing new food labels on your food? Let me know what you think of this article - I would enjoy hearing your thoughts. New Food Labels?

Fruit "salad"

I can't think of a better way to help meet BOTH my fruit and veggie recommendations. While we are all in different stages of our journey of appreciating wholesome food and developing a healthy relationship with food, I hope you feel my excitement as you make your own yummy creations. I just love making beautiful salads, filled with colorful and filling ingredients. If only my body could speak to me, I have a feeling it would thank me for providing it with wonderful nutrients to fuel workouts, reduce my risk for disease and improve my quality of life. Or, perhaps, it will just show me how good it feels while I do a long "aerobic" recovery ride on Sat, followed by my normal transition run and normal short bike + (semi)long recovery run on Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend! Fruit "salad" Dark greens Onions Cucumber Celery Tomatoes Carrots Green peppers Grapes Strawberries Pineapple *not pictured is a large scoop of low fat cottage cheese which is under my bed of dar

Exercising the mind

Our body is complex. Every individual part, whether it be your muscles, nerves, organs, tissues or bones, relies on one another (for the most part) in order to properly function. There are also hormones that like to be regulated and hate being out of control. But above all, the food in which we provide our body has the power to help control almost every function in our body. For it is the vitamins and minerals in the food that we choose to eat that help foster proper metabolism and body functioning. So while we know the importance of food to help nourish our body, I find it equally important to "train" the mind. For we spend much of our day sitting, often doing monotonous tasks, and our brain takes a backseat. As a clinical dietitian, I am constantly learning. My brain is always working, trying to figure things out with my patients and learning about new diseases and conditions. There isn't a day when I don't use my calculator and regardless of whether or not I have a

IM training and Hydrating Yourself for Summer Training

After three progressive build weeks, I welcome this recovery week as I prepare my mind and body for my 2nd Ironman World Championships. Although Ironman training can be tiring, one of the most often overlooked components to properly preparing for a long-distance event, is adequate rest and recovery (both for mind and body). Even though I still have 10.5 weeks until race day, this last block of training will be the only 3-week build that I will be doing throughout my Kona-specific training. Because the training intensity and volume will be increasing as I near Oct 8th, I can only reflect on years past (prior to IMWI, which was IM #4) and how my body responded to training as I approached the third week of the conventional training block of "3-week build" + "1 week recovery". In other words, 21 days of swim, bike run-specific training, "ok body, you only have 7 days to properly recover until I do it to you all over again and again and again". While I am alway

Pizza and Salad

There was no better way to end my weekend.... than with my favorite combination of foods and flavors, joined by my amazingly supportive hubby and furry best friend. I enjoyed a beautiful salad and a mile-high veggie-filled pizza in celebration of the last weeks of training. Three weeks down and 11 to go. I am feeling strong, confident and healthy. I am loving life and enjoying every exciting day that awaits me when I wake up in the morning. I have been motivated by my athletes who continue to amaze me, as well as my friends who never stop amazing me with their dedication to life and sport. am so inspired for the rest of my Kona journey as racing an IM is simply putting together the pieces a well-planned training plan, having the right attitude (even if the plan doesn't go as planned) and thanking/respecting the body for being healthy and strong while training for a 140.6 mile event. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Pizza and Salad For the pizza - take your favorite f

Product Review Monday

Fringe I recently received a new pair of Oakley glasses and I can't stop wearing them! I thought my small face could only fit one type of glasses (sporty ones) but thanks to Oakley Women, I have a variety of glasses to choose from. When I was in Napa for the Oakley Women Fitness retreat, I had the opportunity to take part in the Rolling O lab..which was amazing. I knew that Oakley had amazing technology to back up their quality sunglasses but I was surprised at the amount of testing that goes into every pair of sunglasses on the market. Check it out... Oakley's Rolling O Lab: The Science Of Sunglasses - Free videos are just a click away Here's a little about the product from the Oakley Women Fringe website: Fringe Sunglasses A little new wave and a little old school, Fringe™ is designed for the young and the young at heart. A modern version of the cat eye shape, these are the glasses for girls who want to have fun. Fresh and cool, they’re the perfec