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Blueberry pancakes and advice on New Year training

Now is the time when the weather makes it hard to get out of bed but thankfully, we have a new year to keep us motivated with our fitness routine. Perhaps you are gearing up for an upcoming race or have your eyes set on a few personal fitness/body composition goals. Whatever the case may be, don't rush the journey.   Sure, that is a saying that is often repeated and overly used but I am a firm believer that the process shouldn't be rushed.   Considering that I work with a lot of different types of athletes and receive emails from active individuals wanting to step up their training and/or exercise routine, I wanted to offer one bit of advice for getting back (or starting) a training plan.   Start with 2 weeks of "intro". It's very easy for athletes to get excited about training again and feel the need to wait for the perfect time to start. Or, feeling guilty or lazy after a break, go all-out in the beginning part of a training plan. When it comes to t

Create your positive environment

Happy New Year!! Who's ready for the new year and a better you? I am excited to continue my journey of life, to better myself in all areas and I can't wait to keep making memories from all types of experiences. I still expect challenges to come into my life and I feel every day I get stronger (in mind and body) at learning how to overcome obstacles and maintain a balanced lifestyle. I am really looking forward the upcoming year in so many ways but I know that with all my goals that I have in front of me, I can not expect to reach any of them without hard work and consistency. Now, when I mention this word "hard work", there is a special appreciation that I have for hard work. I suppose hard work comes with sacrifices and discipline but the work that I put forth to reach my goals does not sabotage my enjoyment for an active and healthful life. My mission every day is to make for a better tomorrow so although sometimes I may not be feeling "it" at the m

Should you make a New Year resolution?

As a professional in the health field, I have many credentials behind my name which would make it easy for me to capitalize on the New Year holiday. With all the resolutioners (is that a word?) out there who desire a change in lifestyle habits (but really want a quick fix because 365 days is just too long to keep up with habits that are likely extreme and unrealistic), it would be easy for me to promise you quick results and instruct you on how to reach your resolution within the next few weeks. However, I will not change what I believe in to promise you something that will come quickly when I know it should not be achieved quickly. No matter what you want for 2013 and your resolutions, there is a reason behind your procrastination on not working hard on your goals in 2012 and likely, all will not change on January 1st and be maintained by Dec 31st 2013. Therefore, I will continue to support my philosophy in that life is a journey and that it is best enjoyed when the diet and exercise