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When new kit day causes body image dissatisfaction

After several months of waiting, we finally received our 2022 Trimarni kits. We have a new company , new design and new colors. We weren't sure how it would all turn out but we could not be happier! Receiving a new training or race day kit is a special moment. As an athlete, you do incredible things with your body on a daily basis. And when it comes to race day, you are often doing what others think is impossible. Every time you get dressed to use your body for sport, you deserve to wear clothes that make you feel confident, empowered and happy. A great mood boost can come from wearing clothes that make you feel so proud of your active and healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the long-awaited arrival of your new outfit may cause a mood drop - especially if you feel unhappy with your body image when trying on your new training or race day kit. When something doesn't fit right and you feel uncomfortable, it can mess with your head.  If you are an athlete, there is a good chance that

How to improve your gravel biking skills

Last week (while dealing with Madison's declining health ) we had two of our athletes in town for a 2.5 day private training camp. The focus of the camp was improving off-road bike handling skills (gravel biking). We also included swim/run training in the camp as our athletes have several triathlons on their schedule. But with their first ever ultra-distance gravel event (150-mile) happening late summer, it was important that our athletes improve their gravel skills to that they can both feel more comfortable, safe and confident when training off-road.  Although the weather was not in our favor with predicted rain all day on Thurs and Friday (the two full days of their camp), we got incredibly lucky in that we were able to drive to two different locations and entirely miss the rain. Even better, on Thursday we were able to ride in a short sleeve jersey and shorts!  For Zach and Ashley's camp (husband and wife from Nebraska) we completed the following over 2.5 days:  Thursday: 

The hardest part of having a pet

  For any pet owner, saying goodbye to a beloved furry family member can be one of the most difficult times in life. This past week was incredibly hard as we were so close to saying goodbye to our eldest cat Madison (14 years old). Although she is still with us, we aren't sure how much time we have left with our sweet, kind, affectionate and always-by-my side Madison.  On Saturday evening (1/29), Madison was acting completely normal. She was eating normally, following her normal routine and not showing any signs of concerns. On Sunday morning (1/30), everything changed. Madison stopped eating and drinking and started acting unlike herself. She became lethargic and wanted to be by herself. Although this had happened twice in the past (2019), we were a bit concerned with her being older. We took her to the vet on Monday (1/31) and the vet was concerned about her hat. She was quickly diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (a feline type of cardiac disease that causes the muscular