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Beauty, Balance and Badassery - for the ladies

I'm so lucky to have a few very special, amazing women in my life who give me positive energy, strength and wisdom. I would like to introduce you to two of them.  The first is Kelsey Abbott. My friend, Trimarni athlete, owner of Find Your Awesome  and creator of BBB (read below) The second is Beth Chernosky of Transformative Wellness ME . I met Beth through social media and she is a beautiful person, inside and out.  I'd also like to add Gloria to this list. As you may know, Gloria Petruzzelli is my best friend, a Trimarni athlete (we coach her amazing hubby Ken as well) and my mental skills coach. There are many more amazing women that I follow on social media, ALL of the inspiring Trimarni female athletes, my Oakley Women family and so many more that are just so amazing! I think it is just so awesome that there are too many amazing women to add to this list! GIRL POWER!! So now I bring you to the purpose of this post. I want to welcome you to Beauty, Balance a

Athletes: 4 mistakes that you keep making

You were born to make mistakes. No one is perfect. Some of your greatest achievements will grow out of the mistakes that you made in your past.  As an athlete, I like to think of mistakes as learning opportunities. There are no bad decisions but instead opportunities to adjust, learn and to improve. When Karel raced his first IM in Lake Placid in 2013, he told me he made a few rookie mistakes. He grabbed his wrong transition bag from the hanging rack of bag as he was entering the T2 changing tent so he had to run back to the rack to exchange his goggles and wetsuit for his run shoes and visor. On the bike, he took a swig of his gel flask and put the flask upside down in his tri top pocket...opened. A few miles later, his leg felt incredibly sticky with every pedal stroke. It wasn't until he reached back for his flask that he noticed that his entire flask emptied out in his tri pocket and essentially onto the side of his body.  Now I wouldn't call this rookie mistakes

Are you ready for the Triathlon Challenge?

When Karel and I were putting together our  2015 race schedule , we had a variety of races to choose from. Since sharing our race schedule in October, there have already been a few changes.  There are races all over the world on almost every weekend of the year so that makes it very interesting and fun when planning a racing season.  In the initial stages of our season planning, we wanted to make sure that every race that we registered for had a purpose. We are not known to race just to race. Although we do not expect to be at top fitness for every race, we take every race seriously and do our best to arrive to every race healthy and injury free. The most important goal of a triathlete who is planning his/her season is to remember that every race is simply a step closer to the big season goal where you hope to race in peak fitness. You can have good performances at all or most of your races but when it comes to maximizing your fitness and being in the best shape all seaso