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Avocado, quinoa, pomegrante and pecan salad

Some of my favorite creations are created in my head when I'm training.  As I rode my tri-bike on the trainer last night for 45 minutes, I started to think about what to make for dinner. Karel is in Jax for RETUL bike fits so it was just me (and Campy).  I had cottage cheese and yogurt for an easy protein option but I wasn't sure what I could make for a meal. I wanted something light as I had a satisfying afternoon snack as well as a pre bike workout snack so I wasn't in the mood for a normal-size Trimarni creation dinner.  So, then it occurred to me...I had a few ingredients in my refrigerator that may taste great (or not) when combined together. This is always the start of a Trimarni creation....what can I combine together, without having to measure anything, and make it be healthy, yummy and taste amazing??? After tiring out my glutes with a main set of single leg drills, I cleaned up, took Campy for a quick walk around the block and got busy in t

Healthy eating without following a diet plan

When I was 10 years old and decided to not eat meat anymore, my choice to become plant strong was not for a body image, to get healthy or to follow the crowd. I had made a personal decision that not eating meat would be my way of showing respect to animals and thus I titled myself as a vegetarian.  Almost 23 years ago I made a dietary choice to become a vegetarianism. But unlike the brand of shoes I prefer or my favorite color, choosing to eliminate meat from my diet started a lifestyle change that had no deadline in place. Because plant strong became my new lifestyle, it required commitment and knowledge to make the diet work for my personal health and performance goals.  I have never persuaded anyone to be a vegetarian athlete to boost performance and I have never told a person that his/her health and performance will automatically improve once meat is removed from the diet.  All fitness enthusiasts and athletes must understand the importance of consuming a

Honey Pear Muffins

Moist, delicious, flavorful, seasonal, refreshing, fluffy, warm.  My honey pear muffins are exactly what they are suppose to be.....a tasty and satisfying muffin! Karel left for Jacksonville, FL yesterday for 3 jammed-packed days of Retül bike fits.  To make sure my hubby had some healthy/feel-good snacking options for the road trip (and between fits) I packed him a cooler of foods as well as a snack bag. I also decided to make Karel some muffins since he loves muffins and well, anything that resembles bread. FYI: we are a carb loving family.  I picked up a few pears the other day and I thought a honey pear muffin creation would be fantastic...and it was!!! I hope you enjoy the muffins and make sure to yum really loud when you eat them so others around you know how great it feels to eat a yummy creation that you made at home.  Honey Pear Muffins 2 cups white whole wheat flour  (here's a  substitution list for baking) 1/2 cup sugar 3 tsp baking powde

Talking Sport Nutrition at Run In

Where: Run In When: December 8th What time: 5:45-7:30  It is within the daily diet AND what you eat before, during and after workouts that can help you gain the competitive edge. You can be the hardest working and most passionate athlete out there but if you don't eat right or constantly tell  yourself that something needs to change but never change anything, you will never reach your full potential. Taking pride in your fueling and eating strategy throughout the day can help boost performance, assist in recovery, prolong fatigue, keep the immune system healthy, help you maintain a healthy body composition and reduce risk for illness/disease and injury. No matter what your fitness goal may be or your workout routine, your diet is more than calories in and calories out. You must learn how to eat for fuel. If you are tired of making the same mistakes over and over with your fueling/eating strategy during training and racing or are looking for new tips to take your fitness