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Showing posts from September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Karel!!!

He is an old man. He may as well race in the Master category now! Just kidding. Happy birthday Karel! I will update soon about my current concerns with my piriformis syndrome. I am on some heavy meds right now which seem to be working as of yesterday. Lots of tears and emotions during the last two weeks but I must say that I have been taking really good care of myself. Thanks to everyone for support and encouragement during this time in my life. With Kona in 3 weeks and an expensive flight to Kona leaving in 14 days, you could only imagine the stress in my life right now. I understand that triathlons aren't everything in life but I seek triathlons as a stress-reliever in my life. Training for triathlons gives me balance and teaches me so much about myself. I gain confidence, strength and determination when I train. Since I haven't ran in two weeks you better believe I have been cycling and swimming when possible. Weekly swim yardage last week was around 14000 and I really enjoy