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Meet Mr. Llama

A few days ago I talked about the fun that I had at the   Reedy River 10K . It was a training race so that meant back to business this week. Well, I have no trouble getting my workouts done but if I am not having fun, there's no point to my training.'s what made me smile this morning. I want to introduce you to Mr. Llama.  One of my favorite things about cycling is what you see while you are just riding along. A former nutrition athlete of mine in Greenville told me that I had to see this Llama in a pasture on Old White Horse Road that will run over to you when you say "Hey Llama!". I'm so happy that she told me about this furry friend! We had an athlete of ours (Justine) in town for a RETUL fit (performed by Karel) and a complete overhaul on her bike (new handlebars, new cassette, new chain, new bar tape) with a detailed inside/out cleaning. It's a highlight to show our friends/athletes our amazing country cycling r

Happy National RD day!

3.5 years ago my passion turned into a career and I became a Registered Dietitian. I am so happy that I took the time to go back to school after graduate school to further my knowledge and meet the requirements to be eligible to take the RD exam.  Many people use the title nutritionist, nutrition expert or nutrition specialist but I am incredibly proud to be one of a select group of professionals who can be a nutrition expert and place "RD" behind our name. My credential does not mean that I know everything. I am a Registered Dietitian that specializes in sport nutrition for endurance athletes. I follow a strict code of ethics and when I don't know something, I know that there are many other RD's who specialize in areas that I am not an expert in.  Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist regardless of education, experience or background.  There are dozens of meal plans, books, articles, counseling sessions and tips provided by nutrition exper

Broccoli slaw tahini stir fry - batch cooking

Batch cooking is a life saver. If you are an athlete, you know the feeling post-workout when you are hungry and two thoughts come to mind: You think about what you should eat to refuel and nourish your body and then you think about the time it will take to prepare the meal, cook the meal and eventually eat the meal. We all know that a bowl of cereal can be "made" in less than 5 minutes but so can leftovers - heated in the microwave. Healthy eating takes effort but when you are an athlete, you have to be dedicated to nourishing your body. The added stress from training makes the body more vulnerable to sickness, injury and fatigue. Food is your medicine and your fuel. Although you may feel like the extra time in your life that could be devoted to meal prep is taken up by training, sorry - your excuse is invalid... you still have to make the time to cook. Every now and then the stars will align and you jump with  joy that you have the free time to cook a home cooked mea

Reedy River 10K - race recap

This is me, smiling, suffering and doing my definition of "sprinting" downhill to the Reedy River 10K finish line in downtown Greenville. This is Bernhard Heulmanns who pushed me for the last .5 miles. I have never met Bernhard and only know his name because I looked him up after Pace Magazine tagged this picture of me and him on Facebook but I am grateful for his push because that's what I love about racing.  What a challenging course for a 10K! 720 feet elevation gain! With every up and downhill (especially the final long climb to main street) and sharp turn, I could feel my training paying off. Triathlon training, that is.  Standing at the start line of a running race can be a humbling experience. No taper, plenty of swimming, strength training, running and cycling training occurred over the 5 days leading up to the race and the uncomfortable "unknown" of what my body was capable of without having any planned speed work in my training plan this

Did you give/receive a hug today?

Hugging Hugging is healthy.  It helps the body's immune system.  It keeps you healthier.  It cures depression.  It reduces stress. It induces sleep.  It's invigorating.  It's rejuvenating. It has no unpleasant side effects.  And, hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug.  Hugging is all natural.  It's organic.  Naturally sweet, no pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients and 100% wholesome.  Hugging is practically perfect.  There are no moving parts, no batteries to wear out and no periodic check-ups.  Low energy consumption, high energy yield, inflation proof, non-fattening, no monthly payments, no insurance requirements, theft-proof, non-taxable, non-polluting and of course.... Fully Returnable!! This is not an original poem. My mom was given this to her and she passed it along to me. I thought you would enjoy this message so be sure to hug someone today!

Are you meeting your hydration needs?

You may think you are just working hard and that's why you are exhausted or need a long nap but the symptoms you are feeling may be from dehydration.... or not meeting your fluid and electrolyte needs.  Increased thirst Dry mouth Tired or sleepy Dizzy Decreased urine output Urine is low volume and more yellowish than normal Headache Dry skin When it comes to meeting your hydration needs, there are two important things to remember:  1) You have to stay on top of your fluid intake early and frequently 2) You need to find a way to carry adequate fluid intake to meet your needs (fuel belt, hand held, bike cages, camelback).  For swimming, I recommend to plan 1 x 20-28 ounce bottle of water per hour mixed with a sport drink of 25-30g carbs and 100-200mg sodium for 1-2 hour workouts. For cycling, I recommend to plan 1 x 20-28 ounce bottle of water per hour mixed with a sport drink containing at least 25-50g carbs and 200mg sodium for 1-2 hour workout