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IMWI Race Report: Pre-race + 2.4 mile swim

Every athlete dreams of the perfect race.  The race when there are no mechanical issues, the tummy stays happy all day, the legs feel fresh and the mind stays focused. The race when the weather is perfect and the pacing plan works perfectly. And the race when you don't even get kicked once on the swim (Ok - now you are just thinking crazy thoughts :)  Is there really such a thing as a perfect race? Well, let's back up.... is there even such a thing as a perfect training session?  How many times have you found yourself in the middle of a workout and feeling as if you are getting nothing out of it and just counting down the minutes until it is over? How about the workout when you feeling super tired or you are feeling stuffy in the head (or perhaps on the verge of a cold) and you can't help but lace up your shoes and get your workout done because it is on your training plan?  How about the workout that you felt super run-down but still managed to feel strong

2014 IMWI FINISHERS! A dream came true.

It was almost eight years ago when I crossed my first Ironman finish line.  I still remember every detail of IMFL 2006.  I had my bike-racing boyfriend (Karel) who I had been dating for 6 months, on the sidelines. He thought I was a bit crazy to want to do this 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run event but nonetheless, he was cheering me on for 140.6 miles. Somewhere in the last 3 miles of the marathon, Karel told me I was going to Kona. I yelled back "I love you!" It was the first time I told Karel that I loved him. Even though Karel thought that this sport was super crazy when we met, it's funny that now the Ironman is our sport of choice that has brought us closer and closer over the past two years since Karel stopped racing bikes as a Cat 1 rider and jumped into his first sprint triathlon in the summer of 2012.  My first Ironman was also special because my parents were dishing out support and positivity for me all day as their 24-year old dau