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Showing posts from August 5, 2007

Big Things to Come!

First off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM!!!!! What a great mom and if I told you her age you would be in shock!! Looking great mom, stay healthy! This has been a big week. Lots of training and I'm feeling good. Monday evening I went for an easy spin with karel over the two causeways and around Clearwater beach and Bellair. Tuesday morning was a big day with a 3600 swim practice followed by 8 miles on the treadmill. As boring as 8 miles on the treadmill may seem long (would you be in shock that my longest run was on the treadmill for 3 hours!!!) but with sets of intervals (1:45 x 4 w/ 30 sec. recovery, repeat the set 3 times) the workout goes by really fast. Tuesday evening it didn't rain so I could finally get in an evening bike to get in more bike mileage. I did a quality workout with 3 x 5 minutes w/ 1 mile recovery keeping a half IM heart rate. I was excited to sleep tuesday evening, that's for sure! Wednesday morning I taught spin and I've been incorporating more hills/

Top Gun Race report

As I enjoy my sunday after watching an encore airing of the Ironman World Championships I thought I'd recap my race from yesterday. The morning of a race I'm usually a bit nervous but I enjoy the time as I drive to the race, following the many bike racks and USAT stickers. My stomach felt a little heavy from the oatmeal and raisins that I had at 5am, but since I always eat the same thing before a race, I knew it was my nerves. After arriving to the race around 615, I set up my transition area after being bodymarked. Although I don't really think of myself as Elite, I enjoy having the E on my calf and racking my bike in the front. Just a few perks of racing Elite. There weren't a lot of us (just 3) racing elite but there were many age-groupers that definantly deserved the title of racing Elite and I was aware of a couple of them. I warmed up in the water a bit and stood at the starting line in anticipation to start. The 15-29 age group and Elite start was a bit caiotic