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My last minute racing advice + to-do list

Don't waste energy on things/situations that are out of your control. What can you control on race day? Your attitude, pace, clothing and nutrition. Check the weather and plan ahead for proper pacing, nutrition and attire. No matter what level of fitness you are in on Sunday, consider where you once were and where you are today. Be proud of any obstacles you have overcome and reflect for all x-miles on race day. If a race (or part of it) gets cancelled or changed, feel good that you have a body that IS ready to race the full distance. No matter the circumstances, thank your body at the finish line as well as giving it a big THANK YOU for letting you get to the starting line. Also, here's my race week to-do list from the Iron Girl participant guides, to keep you calm, cool and prepared for race day (pg 13 and 14). To-do list ,

Off to clearwater...

Have you ever said to yourself "if there were only more hours in the day!" I use to think that all the time - wishing for a bit more time. Post graduate school, I refused to give up sleep just to get things done. Sure, some days are 6 hours of sleeping as I lose track of time but long for my morning workout (love starting my day with a sweat!) but my body really needs 8 restful hours of sleep. I don't rely on caffeine or sugary sweets for pick-me-ups during the day but rather, aim for a good night of rest to keep me energized all day long. Well, I think if I had more hours in the day, I would probably fill those up as well...would you do the same? I do have to say, when I do have an opportunity to relax or travel, I take full advantage of it. As for other times when I find myself relaxing - making creations, making it a "rule" not to eat at the computer (or while doing work), walking campy, reading before I go to bed and just hanging out with Karel. Speaking of

Native Sun inspired Tilapia (Or tofu) wrap and salad

Inspired by the most delicious wraps served at Native Sun , I couldn't get these things out of my head ever since the Trek Event last week. Turkey, tuna (I think?) and the farmers wrap (vegetarian) are typpically served at events around town....and vegetarian or not, people can't get enough of the farmers wrap! Karel was the one who actually introduced me to the wraps as Native Sun is across the street from the Trek Store (in Mandarin) and he occasionally enjoys a lunch-out....along with cookies from the local bakery in the same complex. :) I have tried making my own wraps (the actually wrap) but I'm sure most would agree, it is easier to buy. But, I will continue trying. I really do enjoy spending the time chopping and cooking the "toppings" for my wrap as this is where all the flavor comes from. In the past few years, companies have been offering "wraps" as a more "healthy" items to consumers but many times, wraps are high calorie (often 250

Sweet and savory tempeh and mushroom meal

I think I will try to use the word "meal" more often than salad. All thanks to dieting and diet fads, I believe salads often get a bad reputation. "Oh, he/she must be on a diet 'cause all he/she eats are salads." Although I don't believe in judging people for their presentable actions, I can honestly say that when I eat my salads, I am satisfied. I realize my salads will hold me over for a few hours as that is my eat every few hours. However, I am not making salads to "save calories" to indulge later in the day or to allow myself extra room for a pick-me up snack 30-90 min after the meal. Speaking on behalf of Karel and myself, our "meals" are satisfying and work for us. The key is - how will your meal (aka "salad") work for you? My lifestyle functions at an optimal level because of salads but then again, my salads are not skimpy on flavor, substance and nutritional value. I don't do iceberg lettuce, cucumbers and

Presbyterian Hospital Invitational Criterium - "race" report

Karel knew it wouldn't be easy. But he didn't let it get to him. After he picked up his number, we headed back to the house where we were staying and Karel did a bit of resting for the rest of the afternoon. I prepared him a yummy lunch, almost identical to what he had before the Tampa Twilight Crit. I made us mixed rice, eggs (Karel had two sunny side up, I had scrambled) topped with cheese, broccoli (cooked in olive oil on a skillet) and orange slices. It hit the right spot for Karel before he rested on the couch. I caught up on emails for most of the afternoon and Campy did his share of napping with Karel. Around 5:30pm, we headed to the race venue in downtown Charlotte. As Karel was getting the trainer ready for him to warm-up in a parking lot, Campy and I headed down the street to watch the women's race. Wow - they are fast! The spectators were starting to line the streets so I made my way back to Karel to pin his number on his jersey and to wish him the best of luck.

Find your strong!

In 2006, I was a newbie. A newbie running the Boston Marathon. I didn't know much then about training or sport nutrition but I was passionate. Passionate to set goals and to give no excuses as to how I would accomplish them. This race was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and certainly something that I am so proud to check off my bucket list. As you know, I am a fan of quotes, motivational saying and anything inspiration. I believe my every-day life IS the Oakley women campaign of "Perform Beautifully". I suppose I need inspiration on a daily basis for if I am not inspired by others, it is often difficult to find motivation within myself. Every athlete or fitness enthusiast must be strong-minded just as he/she is humble. For we can only talk ourselves up to a limit before we increase the risk of burnt-out. Therefore, I find it important to always seek out something, every day, that will get you out the door to become something that you never thought that yo