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Weight loss tips and veggie bowl w/ rice

In the June 2012 issue of Environmental Nutrition (volume 35, number 6), the front page featured an article titled "11 Proved Weight Loss Tips" Here are the 11 Science-based Tips for Weight loss: -Sharon Palmer, R.D. 1) Don't look for a magic formula 2) Balance calories in vs. calories out 3) Spread out calories over the day 4) Boost high-volume, low-energy foods (foods that provide low calorie levels in relatively large portions, can help promote weight loss by filling you up yet reducing your overall calorie intake) 5) Follow the nutrient-rich approach (nutrient rich foods contain the most nutrients per calories) 6) Increase physical activity (cardio + strength training) 7) Push fiber intake 8) Cut down on solid fats and sugars 9) Don't drink your calories 10) Portion size counts 11) Turn to MyPlate Certainly, trying to do all of these at once can be very overwhelming. Imagine training for your first running race and telling yourself you have to cover that ex

Testimonial of a non-dieter

A mass marketed diet is never personalized. Everyone in the world is different. But you knew that, right? Certainly every diet can be evaluated for both healthy and unhealthy components and any diet that restricts food (calories) will encourage weight loss. Sadly, diets address numbers on the scale, not health outcomes and behaviors. There are food focused diets, low-"insert any macronutrient" diet, no-"insert any food item" diet, only-"insert any food item" diet, food group diets, timing/combination diets, commerical meal and pill diets, blood type diets and really, any other fancy food-related habit that restricts or encourages food. As a believer of a balanced approach to all things in life, I strive for consistency in everything I do. I believe everything I do in life requires hard work...albeit, somethings require a little more time, dedication and energy, than others but certainly, the easy way out is not always the best way to accomplish

Spa Me 210 5K challenge - race report

I believe that every athlete brings something with him/her on race day to get him/herself through a race. Besides the necessary gear, proper sport nutrition and a few good sherpa's, I've learned that having a well-constructed racing plan along with a good attitude, are two critical components of a successful race day performance. For if you only bring one with you on race day, likely you will find yourself struggling during the race, questioning your previous training or, even worse, questioning why you are out there doing this in the first place. This weekend was jammed-packed with races all over the U.S. With many of my Trimarni  Coaching and Nutrition athletes racing in events this weekend, I stayed busy tracking athletes and updating my Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition facebook page. I think we all strive to have a good attitude on race day but sometimes that is easier said than done. Hopefully you want to be participating in the event that you signed up for, that you