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Understand your appetite

Do you struggle with your appetite? While it is important to create a diet that meets your training, health, metabolic and daily needs, many athletes struggle with their appetite - not fully understanding, respecting or acknowledging hunger and satisfaction cues.  Whereas some athletes eat mindlessly out of emotions, boredom or stress, use food as a reward or overeat for fear of not having enough energy for a workout, other athletes have a disconnect with the body and will many times go too long without eating, ignore hunger cues or undereat due to fear of feeling too full or uncomfortable. If you feel hungry all the time, feel that you are constantly eating or grazing or feel that you have no or little appetite and food simply doesn't interest you, something needs to change. It's time to better understand and fix your appetite. As an athlete, food is your fuel. Therefore, it is important to recognize that you need to eat a lot more than the sedentary individual. H

Nutrient-packed stuffed peppers

Hopefully your mouth is watering just looking this picture because it's hard for me to describe the deliciousness of these stuffed peppers.  Peppers are nutritional powerhouses. They are excellent sources of vitamin A, C and B6 and potassium and a good source of folic acid and fiber. One large pepper has 33 calories, 287 mg of potassium, 2.8g of fiber and 1.4g protein. Every time you eat a pepper, you are filling your body with phytochemicals, antioxidants and they help reduce inflammation with their anti-inflammatory benefits. They also give a great flavor to both raw and cooked dishes. Fruits and veggies in general are great for the immune system. For athletes, opting for cooked veggies at dinner (versus raw, which would be ideal at lunch) can help with digestion so that you aren't expending a huge amount of energy trying to digest a lot of roughage after an evening workout or late at night before you go to bed (and wake-up for an early morning workout). Plus, cooking ve

Toughman Half Ironman race report: And the winner is.....

It was less than two weeks ago when Karel decided to race in the Toughman Chattahoochee Challenge. We knew our friends Lauren and Nick would be racing so Karel registered as a last minute decision and I made the travel arrangements for our quick trip to Callaway Gardens for the race.  This was a no expectation race for Karel with the opportunity to race under pressure. There's nothing that compares the mind and body for a race than by participating in a race so that is why he wanted the pressure of being in the race environment and feeling the "pain" that goes along with racing.  And with Karel's key races approaching (Mountains to Main Street Half, Ironman Austria, Ironman Mont Tremblant) this was also a great change to practice transitions and to go through all the motions and emotions of racing.  We made the trip to the Pine Mountain area late morning (3.5 hour drive south) on Friday to check into our hotel by the afternoon.  After we unpacked, we headed