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Crust-less Pizza and more exciting races

I hope you aren't bored with all of my posts about Speed Week. Karel has two more races to go!!! We are currently in Charlotte NC. Last night we were in Spartenburg, SC., today is Dilworth, NC. and tomorrow is Sandy Springs, GA! I have a feeling on Mon I will be officially tired of traveling and ready to get back to my normal routine. As for the racing, so far he is on fire and has finished every race around mid-pack. Last night in Spartenburg Karel finished 37 out of 86 finishers (137 starters) which was his best finish yet. His legs are also on fire due to the crazy fast racing. Each race starts around 7:30pm and lasts around 90 minutes. Karel's recovery has been great and I am super proud of his effort and for staying with guys who are racing on a team and bring home a bike salary every month/week. Every night this week he goes to bed dreaming about tight turns, dodging crashes and sprinting and wakes up only to do it all again the next day. And for every race, if he can j

Vegetarian grocery list

I have received several emails and comments on my blog regarding my weekly groceries. I am more than happy to provide my "staple" grocery list which includes the foods I buy on a weekly basis, no matter what. There are always extra's that I throw in every now and then but you can typically find the same foods in our fridge and pantry no matter what day of the week or what time of the year. Before I give you a template of what you can consider to add/include in your diet in order to help fuel your workout and lifestyle, I want to open your mind to the idea of shopping healthy on a budget. We live in a world of processed food. Sure, there are healthy boxed, frozen, packaged and canned foods but the best nutrition can be found in foods that contain little to no ingredients. My idea of a healthy diet is building off a plant-based diet. Regardless if you are a vegetarian, vegan or meat-eater, the diet should be rich in fruits and veggies to provide your body with an abundance

Recipes for "most of the time"

Back in Jax....for the next 24 hours. Then back on the road again. Karel and I love to work hard/play hard so as tiring as it is to be on the road so much in between races (rather than just taking long vacations), we certainly don't complain when we travel. As you know, one of my philosophy's for healthy eating is; "If you eat well most of the time you don't have to worry about the rest of the time" I think traveling for "vacation" is a perfect example of "the rest of the time" when you may deviate from your normal training and eating routine. However, if you aren't sticking to your normal training schedule and you are doing more eating-out than normal while on vacation, one would think that "most of the time" you stick to a consistent training routine and you understand your personal nutrition requirements to support your lifestyle. Over the past few days, I have tried my best to bring as much food as I can with us, so that we do

Athens, Roswell & Beufort

Lots of traveling this week. Welcome to USA CRIT SPEED WEEK! Technically this is our "vacation" but with Karel being the general manager of the Trek store, it seems as if he is never on vacation. He loves his job and has a great boss but there is always something to be done or needed at the Trek store of Jacksonville. It is great that Karel is able to do the entire Speed Week but he also has to squeeze in some time at work in between the races (the racers had/have an off day on Mon and Thurs this week). As for me, I feel as if I work 24/7 but most (if not all) of my work is on the computer. Karel wants me to get a blackberry so I can keep up with emails while we are on the road, but I am not sure if I am ready for that technical advancement in my life. Although I rely on the computer for everything I do, I am not too tech-savvy and I prefer to keep things simple in my life. The more electronics that I bring into my life, the more stressed I feel when something goes wrong. Ath

The Twilight 5K and $1000 mile

The computrainer finals on Fri were very exciting to watch but by the time we got back to the room at 10pm, a full day of excitement had gotten the best of us and we were ready for bed. My alarm went off at 6:45am so technically, I "slept in" and it felt great. I am a big fan of sleeping(napper, not so much) so for me I need a good 8 hrs of sleep to wake up rested. Although my sleep is rarely continuous with 2 cats that insist on eating throughout the night and a dog who loves to cuddle under the covers, but somehow, I seem to wake up rested on a daily basis. I had a restful night of rest in my Zoot compression tights and I was looking forward to the Twilight 5K run in and out of downtown Athens. I did the run last year and had a personal best time of 21 minutes and 6 seconds and for the past few years I have always wanted to run 20 minutes for a 5K. Although I do not consider myself a sprinter, I have worked really hard over the past 8 months (since IMKY) to work on my speed

Athens Computrainer "race"

I suppose I am well overdue for a blog post. Sorry, we've been keeping ourselves really busy here in Athens and enjoying every moment of it. Friday felt a little rushed too me and I knew I had a lot to do in not a lot of time. First part of my agenda was my workout. As usual, my workout (whether it is training or just heart-healthy exercise) is my time, my breath of fresh air and my mental and physical boost for the day. Aside from active recovery Monday's, not much comes before my morning Tues - Sunday workout. The alarm went off at 4:30am and like normal, I ate my Wasa cracker w/ PB and drank my coffee on the way to the Y. I was on the treadmill by 5:05am (Y opens at 5am). The workout went by fast with all of my intervals. This is one of my fav. sets: 15 min warm-up (increasing speed throughout the warm-up, still in a comfortable zone): 7.0-7.5mph 5 min: 45 sec hard, 15 sec straddle treadmill (rest): 8.0mph (get the HR up) Main set: 5 min tempo (7.7 mph), 5 min (45 sec hard,