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Form first

Campy and me are doing lots of studying lately. Well, more like Campy sleeping and me retaining the info. Either way, I just love studying for the RD exam with my furry best friend. Now that we are approaching the height of triathlon season, I find that form is a critical component of increasing your chance of an injury-free season. While the base phase of training is a perfect time to change body composition, increase strength and improve form/weakness's, it is never too late to work on the little things that will make a big affect in your race day performance. Knowing that I have many "fitness enthusiasts" that read my blog, this blog post is not limited to only those who train for a finish line. One of the many beauties of triathlons is that almost anyone can do it. If you can swim from point A to B you have 1/3rd of it covered. If you can ride a bike you have the other 1/3rd covered. And for the last 1/3rd, all you have to do is walk fast if you want to re

Get inspired - Garden Salsa

I have several cookbooks. Ok, I confess...I only look at the pictures. I'm not one to follow recipes. On my birthday Karel took me to Capital Grill for a super yummy dinner. When there is an occasion to eat out (primarily when we travel), I like to look for places that offer more than just a filling salad. As much as I love salads, I eat them all the time. When I eat out, I want something different. Something that will inspire me for when I make Marni-creations at home. Rather than getting a $12 spinach salad (that would likely leave me hungry after the meal, making me wonder why I spent $12 on a meal only to eat again after I left the restaurant) I asked the waitress if the chef had any vegetarian options. Having been there once before, I was hoping that the chef had his "tofu plate" which I LOVED the last time we went to Capital Grill for our anniversary. Happily, the chef prepared me the most yummiest tofu plate which I enjoyed with a beautiful basket of different bre

Choose Your Plate

On June 2nd, the USDA unveiled a colorful dinner plate, sectioned into 4 compartments, with a side glass for dairy. Good-bye Food Guide Pyramid, Hello MyPlate! Here at Trimarni, we strive to create a healthy relationship with food. We aim for progress, not perfection. We find what works for us, all with creativity, balance, performance/fitness and health in mind. We are all individuals and we respect each other for our own personal choices. We believe that every day is a new day, worth waking up for and making the most of no matter what yesterday presented. All is not ruined in one meal and we plan for special occasions, just like we plan for long or intense training sessions. For the food we put in our own body will ultimately fuel our workouts and help us live a quality-filled life. We do not associate food with feelings of guilt, obsession and restriction but rather we are passionate about our meals and snacks. We eat to make our own self feel good, not because a book, magazine o