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How to plan a healthy summer picnic (+ recipe)

With warmer weather in your near future (fingers crossed), you may be looking to enjoy a meal or two outside. Whether it's a family backyard cookout or a picnic with a friend at the local park, here are a few tips to keep your picnic meal nutritious and safe. If you plan to be outside for several hours, choose foods that won't melt or spoil easily. Good options include raw or cooked firm vegetables, chopped fruit, cooked grains, cold pasta salad, beans, popcorn, pretzels, hummus and trail mix.  Consider going meatless with plant proteins that hold up well in hot conditions. Options include beans, lentils, tofu or tempeh. You can mix into a beautiful salad or your go-to grain dishes.  For a savory-sweet dessert, consider cheese alongside dried and fresh fruit. Don't forget to hydrate. To limit individual plastic water bottles, have everyone at your picnic bring/carry their own reusable insulated water bottle.  When grilling, consider heart-healthy options like fish

How to thrive during a difficult time

We are all going through a very difficult time in our life. It's ok to feel your emotions. But in these challenging times, maintaining a positive and resilient mindset is very important. To help with this, remember that everything ends. Whether it’s good or bad, nothing lasts forever. You've overcome challenges before. Think about the setbacks/obstacles that you’ve successfully overcome in your life. When you do this, it acts as a reminder of your ability to handle challenging situations and to succeed. It boosts your sense of self-confidence and it eliminates the sense of helplessness. This attitude shift is needed to motivate you to not give up and to successfully rise above the situation. As part of our weekly "Motivational Monday" post on our private team Facebook page, I recently asked the Trimarni team members to share their best advice/tips on how to thrive through a difficult time. Here are some of their incredibly insightful responses: Injury: “Tr

Why you need to be challenged

As an athlete, you are constantly put into scenarios where you are challenged. Sometimes you will thrive and other times you will struggle. This isn't just on race day, but in training as well. When you experience a challenge, your level of perserverance, mental fortitude, grit and determination will be tested. Whether a tough main set, a virtual race or a block of epic workouts, now more than ever before, it's important to find creative ways to satisfy your competitive drive.  With a strong desire to conquer the challenge that lies ahead, you will find yourself filled with nervous, positive energy - just like you would experience on race day. As for your emotions, if you feel threatened or discouraged by a challenge, your confidence will be affected. And where does that dislike of a challenge come from? Likely from a fear of  failure. When you consider or accept a new challenge, you are also faced with the possibility of failure. Rather than seeing the opportunity in t