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Boulder Train-cation: day 5

Day five of our train-cation included a little cycling and a lot of running. Karel and I started our morning around 8:00am with a 24 minute run, starting from the park at the base of Sunshine Canyon. We ran down 4th street and made a big loop that included a lot of up and downhills.  We kept the effort super easy since we had two more workouts on the daily to-do schedule.  Our friends from our cabin cycled down to the park and we all started our ride toward  Flagstaff Trailhead . The climb to our look-out point was around 3 miles. It included several switchbacks but nothing too steep (except for at the beginning of the climb). It was an absolutely beautiful climb as you could see all of Boulder during the climb. When we got to the top, we enjoyed the view and then it was time to make the descend back to Boulder.  Karel and I rode back to our car at the park on the base of Sunshine Canyon and the guys continued on with their ride. Karel and I ended up

Boulder train-cation: day 4

Thursday was our big ride day. And by big, I mean BIG!  Karel and I thought it would be "fun" to finish our ride with a climb back to our cabin on top Sunshine Canyon.....the 6.5 mile descend was a lot of fun to start but it was a little reminder of what's to come at the end of our ride.  Staying on top of Sunshine Canyon has been a treat for every ride that we do, we start and finish at  Centennial Park Trailhead  and the drive up and down is absolutely beautiful.  Thankfully, my descending skills have improved greatly since moving to Greenville so I have felt really confident going down the mountains (but nowhere near Karel's descending skills).   We waited a few minutes for our friends to get ready and then we were off to Old Stage road to start our ride.  The ride through Left Hand Canyon was absolutely beautiful. Tall rocky mountains and a flowing creek to the side of the road.  A few of the guys went a different route and then heading up to