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'Tis the season of Fresh Produce!

According to Karel, I made the best salad "EVER". Pretty exciting, especially coming from my hubby who has tasted many of my salad creations. In the 2011 May issue of Today's Dietitian, there was an excellent article titled "Fruitful Endeavor: adopting a plant-based diet may offer a bounty of benefits" By: Sharon Palmer, RD As you know very well, I am a 17 year vegetarian (lacto-ovo) and a firm believer in plant-based eating. However, as an endurance athlete and lover of exercise and physical activity, I believe that my plant-based diet should be balanced in order to support my energy needs and lifestyle requirements. As my training changes, so does my eating. More specifically, the importance of recovery nutrition increases as the intensity and duration of my workouts increase. But none the less, I always emphasize whole, unprocessed foods on a daily basis in order to provide my body with a plentiful amount of nutrients to support metabolism and bodily processe

Exercise to eat?

A few posts ago I discussed an article in Nutrition Action (May 2011) titled "Under the Influence". On pg 5 of the article, the topic covered exercise and how exercise can influence what we eat. I suppose that every individual (athlete or fitness enthusiast) has a love/hate relationship with food when it comes to eating for fuel. Because we all love a great sweat, a post-workout meal either complements the workout (specifically, restores muscle glycogen, encourages tissue repair/re-building, enhances immune system functioning) or the meal is seen as a "reward" thus often bringing on feelings of guilt and shame (specifically, due to improper timing/quantity of food/nutrients thus leading to shifts in hormones either during or after exercise and consequently, lending its way to overeating/overindulging). I'd like to share the article topic with you as a way to get you thinking about how you view food and whether or not you eat to exercise or you exercise to eat.

Asian Tofu Slaw

I don't mean to toot my own horn but this meal is FABULOUS!! While in Pitt, I did my share of eating out (combined with 9 days on the road for Speed Week the week prior). Inspired by many affordable and costly meals, I could not wait to get home to my little galley kitchen (my kitchen is super small but my creativeness is never limited when it comes to preparing tasty and healthy meals!). Although I am in need of a trip to the grocery store, I had several of the following items in my freezer. Karel did a quick stop at the store on Monday after he picked me up at the airport so with a little creative thinking, I was able to pull together one of my most-favorite meals that I have prepared to-date! Hope you enjoy!! (feel free to use as much/little of the following as you like. You can't go wrong with too many veggies!) Firm tofu (cubed) - I typically use about 1/4th container per person chickpeas Broccoli Slaw Eat Smart (I bought mine at Publix, but you can probably find it in veg

Proud Sis

What a fabulous time in Pitt. The weekend went by super fast and I considered staying in Pitt, searching for a job and starting a new life in Pitt. But of course, with year-round beautiful weather in Florida, I decided to pass on the hills and urban city-life and return back to Jacksonville. Also, not sure if my furry best friend would enjoy the winter months...and of course, my life revolves around my lovely chihuahua :) My brother kept me and my family super busy during our stay in Shadyside. As a fabulous tour-guide, there was very little time to sit and relax. But that's ok, I like to be on my feet and see new sights, get inspired by local eats and of course, enjoy life to the fullest. While sitting in the Posner Auditorium for the Tepper School of Business commencement, thoughts of my graduate commencement ceremony at Florida Atlantic University came to mind. It seemed like yesterday that I was stressed from so many exams, projects and papers as well as my many thoughts of &qu