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Everything you wanted to know about Tofu....

...and more! What is it? Tofu is made from the curds of soybean milk (and water and a curdling agent) and is associated with Asian cooking/cuisine. To a vegetarian, tofu is likely a staple in the diet. However, this no-taste, mushy food, that you have no idea what to do with, is likely to be the last thing on your mind when you are looking for a high protein and high calcium food. Tofu is also a good source of iron, copper, selenium and omega 3-fatty acids. There are several different types of tofu, all with around 60-90 calories per serving. Depending on the purpose for using the tofu, you can choose from Firm, Extra firm, silken or soft. I usually use Firm or Extra Firm (depending on which one is on sale) for cooking. Here's the nutritional breakdown of Firm Tofu: Serving size 2.8 oz (14 ounces in a package) Calories per serving: 60 Fat per serving - 3.5g Sat fat - .5g Polyunsaturated fat (healthy fat) - 2g Monounsaturated fat (healthy fat) - 1g Cholesterol - 0mg Sodium - 0mg Tot

Chicken Fajita

As much as we all love a hot plate of cooked veggies, we all look forward to a piece of bread with a meal. What fun would PB&Jelly be if we served it on a spoon? Many people believe that weight loss involves reducing carbs. Well, I think this was the old thinking and now many people (athletes primarily) are under the impression that bread, pasta, pizza, rice and potatoes, in high quantities, must be consumed on a daily basis in order to fuel and recover from workouts. While there is nothing wrong with carbs (prioritizing the 100% whole grain/high fiber ones) it is important that we consume healthy carbs, filled with nutrients which will improve the immune system, fuel workouts and keep us satisfied. If I told you to just eat veggies or a salad for a meal, that would be quite boring. I would never say that because I don't do that and if I don't do it...I don't preach it. However, if I told you to add some protein to your veggies, now we are talking about a more balanced

Another update

Sorry for the lack of blogs. know, my most common excuse. My hip was feeling better last week and managed to get in a longer run on wed and a short run on thurs. I was looking forward to a workout on sat but wasn't sure how it would go. I decided to drive 1 mile down to the road to the Trek store because I wasn't sure exactly how I would feel for the workout. My plan was to bike and then do a long-er run. I would just run and stop if I hurt. The reason why I drove to the trek store was because I planned to run past my place and if I hurt, I could just go home, rather than having to walk my way back home for many miles. I first biked 15 miles and felt great on the bike. Thank goodness my biking is still coming along. My run was ok when I started but by mile 2 my rt. leg went almost completely weak. Once again, no pain, just sudden weakness. The weird thing is that when I walk for a few minutes I can start running again pain free. Any thoughts on this one? I would th