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My legs are trashed...

Good thing I just got my Starbucks tall carmel frapachino light or else I'd be fast asleep right now. Yesterday I rode with Karel as he was spinning his legs for an easy hour on the bike. I was going to do an hour with him and continue for a 2 hour ride but what a bummer, I got a flat. I'm always thankful when Karel is there cause he is changes flat tires faster than it takes me to pump up my tires! I was totally bummed about my tire because this was the 3rd flat I have gotten in 3 days of riding Seduza. Karel even put new tires and tubes on my bike but with bad luck following me I have had several opportunities to practice changing flats. I was so bothered by the flat tire that I decided to head home with Karel and go for a nice run. A longer run than I had planned but I was listening to my music and the time was passing by. I ended up with 10 miles of running and I was happy with my pace. I got a haircut on Friday and I must feel a lb. lighter and less hot because of my short

It's all coming together..

Last week was big and I anticipate that I have bigger weeks to come. With around 8000 meters of swimming, 287 miles of cycling and 46 miles of running I deserved my day off on monday. Tuesday, wed and thursday were normally training days and I have been searching the web for as much information on the Ironman World Championships. Whereas I didn't let myself google competitors, look at course maps (in detail) and check out anything Kona-Ironman related, I am now devouring myself in everything Kona-Ironman related. I can tell I'm getting stronger and everything is coming together nicely. I don't just want to go to Kona and participate, I want to race. I want to give it my all and leave everything out on the big Island. I have the 70.3 clearwater world championships to have fun and participate but there is nothing "fun" about Kona. I am going there and staying focused when I am there. OK-so I am sure I will have a blast talking to people, taking a billion pictures an

Drive 100 miles or Ride 100 miles????

For me..I'd rather ride 100 miles and that is what I did on sunday. As part of my Kona training last year, 100 miles was my biggest training ride and I did it 4 times prior to IMFL. Now I am 8 weeks away from the World Championships and I have been feeling a little unprepared for the long workouts. Mostly because my long rides have been around 60 miles with the Gearlink guys. So, although I have been pushing myself for 40 mile workouts and tough interval training sessions I had no idea how I would feel for 100 or more miles at my own pace (whatever that may be). The goal of Sunday's workout was to practice my nutrition (fluids, gels and bars) and to stay within 120-130 HR zone. Last summer I could barely get my HR up to 120 without feeling the burn due to my inexperience on the bike and a tendency to create lactic at a low percentage of my max heart rate. My HR is much lower on the bike than for running but that is expected. When I started my ride I could barely get above 17 mp

Doing it solo ....

After Friday's workout, I was looking forward to a BIG weekend of training. I was a little nervous because my long training sessions are very indicative of how my weekly training is going. Since Karel was off in Georgia, I enjoyed my Friday evening watching TV and catching up on emails. Friday is my favorite night with karel 'cause we don't have to train in the evening and we are getting ourselves ready for lots of weekend training. Saturday morning I woke up early to start my long run by 6:30 am and I wanted to be sure I had enough time to get myself cleaned up with food in my stomach before a YMCA meeting at noon. The run went really well and I didn't have any bad moments. I did get new shoes on Friday so my feet were really happy! I saw a couple of my friends as I was running (jennifer, Gay and Tony) so that really makes a long run more entertaining. I ended up with 2 hours and 30 minutes of running with lots of fluids to help myself stay hydrated. I wear my fuel bel