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Trimarni skills camp - Day 4

After the brick on day 3 of camp , our campers had a few hours to chill before our traditional camp pizza party + Q&A. Karel did two bike fits before the pizza party and I was able to get some work done during that time.  We ordered pizza from Sidewall Pizza in Travelers Rest and as always, it was so good. There's something special about sharing yums with others, after several days of exhausting training. We shared our pizza party with a few goats and of course, Campy.  After everyone was finished eating, we spent the next hour answering questions from our campers and sharing a strength that we felt each camper had shown us throughout camp. It was a great way to end day 3 of camp.  Day 4 of camp is tough - mentally and physically. You are tired and your mind begins to drift back to normal life responsibilities. This is why I feel a training camp is so good for athletes as it forces you to overcome so many physical and mental struggles. Whereas in your ho

2019 Trimarni Skills Camp - Day 3

Day 3 of camp started around 8:30am. Although we like to start/finish all of our rides at the lodge, we had our campers drive ~20 minutes north to Hotel Domestique  for a more steady climb in the Watershed. Karel and I planned a route that would take our campers about 2.5 hours (including a hill time trial at the end of the ride) and followed up the ride with a 15 minute brick run. The ride included ~5400 feet of elevation gained and the run included about 500 feet. It's a common theme that our terrain is very hilly. It's technical, punchy, rough and challenging. Greenville forces you to become a strong and skillful cyclist. However, we also have something incredible special where we roads. As you may have noticed, we don't have shoulders where we live. While it would be a great addition to our roads, I never feel unsafe when I ride. Sure, there's always a rude driver out there but the cars literally share the road with us. It's ra

2019 Trimarni Skills camp - Day 2

Day two of camp started at 9am with a planned 90-minute swim at Furman. Although the campers were a tad tired from day one, everyone was in great spirits. However, nearing 60 minutes of the swim workout, a few campers started coughing. Apparently, the chemicals got out of whack due to a damaged pipe so we had to call the swim workout short. As part of our coaching philosophy, health over performance. We couldn't have our campers risking their health just for 30 more minutes of swimming. Even though the swim workout was cut short, our campers still got in a good morning session of swimming, with a little extra rest before the bike workout.  After the swim, our campers had time to eat before their brick workout - which would take the remainder of the day. Around 12:45pm we all met at the lodge and discussed the focus of the bike workout, the type of terrain that they would be riding on, the brick run workout and other tips and suggestions for the afternoon session. Our