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Showing posts from November 4, 2007

Something's Fishy

Karel and I added a new edition to our home last weekend. NO-I'm NOT pregnant! We got fishies! 7 of them in our new tank. The cat is loving them just as much as we are and who knows what Smudla (our cat)is doing to the fish in the middle of the night. It is fun just to watch the fish swim around and play with each other. I love the water and although I have been asking Karel for a turtle or dolphin (my two favorite creatures!) he compromised and we got fish. I'm so happy it's Friday. I find myself glued to the computer screen 8 hours or more a day and even more on the weekends. I think my job is so rewarding and I love helping people with their nutrition. I have some videos posted on and you can check out nutrition for 1-hour or less workouts. I also have a smoothie video on the website and finally, all my days of watching the food network paid off! It would be a dream of mine to have my own cooking show for athletes so maybe one day all my work on B

Racer #171

The Ford Ironman 70.3 World Championships are this saturday. The news is on TV, in the paper and on the internet. The pros have been training locally for the last week and the age groupers are arriving as I write. The carbo dinner is tomorrow evening and registration is all this week. Friday is bike/gear bag check-in and Saturday is race day. The world championships are less than 5 miles from my house and sadly, I'm watching the race. I qualified for this race at IM 70.3 Florida in Orlando in May. With a PR by 20 minutes in my second 70.3 race, I was 3rd in my age group and received a slot to Clearwater through roll-down by one place. I accepted the slot thinking that I would take the opportunity to participate in two world championship races, one being the race of my dreams and the other being so close that I had to participate. After barely getting through Kona, I couldn't imagine going through the pain to finish this race. I thought about swimming and biking but I still don&

The weekend is gone and now it is Monday...

I'm so Lucky! The #1 reason why I love Florida is October through April...the weather is just beautiful! I am waking up to 60-degree weather and the air is much lighter. Karel and I had to dig out our arm warmers for our early morning rides last weekend. Of course they come off around 8am when the sun is shinning, but it is great knowing that we can train year-round. While I would love to live out west and experience some snow and altitude, I am totally enjoying the open-window season! I've been riding a bit more and feeling good on my bike. Nothing fast and crazy and last weekend I got in around 90 miles. Karel is working on his base training so we can atleast start out together on our rides. We are enjoying spending some time together at the Y and looking forward to weight lifting and swimming together (yes-Karel can swim!). If you date (or are married) to a competitive athlete you can understand that "racing" season is tough on a relationship. It is especially hard