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Ironman World Championship spectator tips!

Tomorrow IS the day!! For 7-17 hours, triathletes and fans will be glued to the internet all day long (or watching live on the big island) to watch 1500+ age group and professional endurance triathletes race for 140.6 miles on the biggest stage of endurance sports.  The waves, heat and wind will all be conquered as one female and male professional athlete become the Ironman World Champion and many athletes will follow to become Ironman World Championship finishers. The Ironman World Championship medals are very hard to earn but when one is around your neck, you know the commitment, refusal to give up and hard work was all worth it. Without a doubt, tomorrow is the Superbowl, Olympics, Wimbledon, Formula One, Final Four, World Series of the sport of triathlon. Tomorrow is the  2014 Ironman World Championship !!! Tomorrow is the day when fitness enthusiasts turn into athletes. The though of training for a 5K or sprint triathlon will quickly become an afterthought. By Sun

Happy 7th B-day Campy!!!

Today we celebrate Campy's birthday!! Since Campy is a rescue dog, we aren't sure of his exact date of birth but we got him around the age of one. So every year, for the past 6 years, we have celebrated the day when Campy came into our life. Here are a few fun facts about Campy.  Campy loves to travel! We find pet-friendly hotels and he never stays in the room alone. What a lucky doggy! Campy loves the outdoors. He has endless energy.... Until he wears himself out.  Campy loves nature. Any new place is an exciting place. Any old place is also exciting too. He never seems to get bored from walking the same routes on our morning walks but in the case that there is a new smell, Campy is always the early bird to find it!  Campy is a Chihuahua Italian greyhound mix. He has a strong personality and he is really, really fast. He was 11 lbs when we got him and now he is 13 lbs. I'm pretty sure he gained two lbs of muscle. Campy is an athlete! Campy was found b

2015 Trimarni coaching - apply now!

After I finished the 2011 Ironman World Championships, I was instructed by Karel that I would be taking a year off from Ironman racing in 2012. In addition to IM Kona being my only triathlon in 2011, I didn't have the race I wanted on the run in Kona due to some tummy troubles from swallowing a bit too much sea water (11:02 finishing time).  With Karel guiding me (I was not quite ready to call him my "coach") in 2011, he felt as if I needed a year to rest my body from long distance racing and work on my speed. It was really hard to not want a do-over Ironman performance in 2012 and truly test my fitness (plus I love the IM journey!!) but according to Karel, it was just not possible (and too risky) for me to get faster while training for Ironman distance triathlons.  "Alright Karel, I trust you." It wasn't worth a deep discussion as I knew I would still be racing half IM distances (which certainly counts as a long distance race) so I trusted Kar