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Oakley Women Laguna Beach - day 1

For those who know me, I'd like to think that I have a lot of energy....but I often contain it inside me and release it when I compete. I am very competitive in my sport and with myself but as a strong-minded Type-A personality, I find I do my best, feel my best and act my best, when I am around passionate people....people who love life, have a lot of energy to give me and who allow me to be me. Although this is only my second trip with the other 9 Oakley ambassadors as well as with several Professional Oakley Women athletes, sport marketing ambassadors and Oakley women staff, I can't help but feel like a better, more balanced person, when I am around such inspiring, passionate and positive women who absolutely love to be active. These girls love to be alive and they sure do know how to live life to the fullest. We are all not triathletes, runners or snowboarders. We do not all have similar passions for a specific sport but rather, similar passions for how we choose to live our

Off to Cali....

For the next 3 days, I will be spending time in Laguna Beach with my amazingly inspiring, friends and the Oakley Women team. Last year, I won a contest along with 9 awesome ladies, which was promoted via facebook. This contest was unlike anything I have ever seen and not having entered hardly any contests in my life, this one felt very appropriate. Performing beautifully contest For the past 9 months, I have enjoyed living my life through the Oakley Women campaign of "performing beautifully". Sure, I get stylish clothes and a handful of glasses to try out and wear to support my active lifestyle...but above all, I am part of a group of women (beyond us ambassadors) that lives and breaths a beautiful active lifestyle. Here's my response to what I believe it means to perform beautifully: In my opinion, when one performs beautifully she is not living a strict lifestyle but one of balance, consistency and enjoyment. I believe I perform beautifully because I give myself many re

Farmers market creations - not one, but two!

On the third Saturday of every month, there is a wonderful Farmers Market in the community of Nocattee. A great place to ride my bike but also a great place to enjoy the outdoors. Campy loves the dog park and he doesn't mind meeting lots of doggies and humans at the farmers market. After my workout and my typical recovery routine, Campy and I headed to the farmers market. With so many choices, I spent a whopping $11 on a rainbow of veggies. Nearing mid afternoon, I was listening to my body and it was telling me that I was ready for a meal..or perhaps a hearty snack? Whichever it was, I created a flavorful farmer market dish with a few leftovers and items in my fridge. In a large skillet, I sauteed onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and cooked leftover brown rice. I seasoned it with pepper, chili powder and cumin and mixed in a spoonful of ricotta cheese. I tossed in some spinach at the end. YUMMO! For my next creation, I was inspired by a recipe in my latest Cooking Light M

Yumlicious Zucchini bread and tofu, pepper stir-fry

Not too long ago, I was eating lunch at work in the hospital and someone asked me what was in my salad. I absolutely love sharing my ingredient creations with others at lunch, but never do I assume the role as the food police. When becoming a RD, I didn't earn my credential to tell people the right way to eat or what foods are bad. Perhaps for some professionals, they feel the most appropriate way to change habits is to tell people what not to do. But, in my opinion, success with my clients come when they are motivated to change and become mindful of their actions, regardless if those actions result in positive outcomes or require a little reflection and room for improvement. By inspiring others, people are more likely to change and to want to change, with longer lasting results. Throughout my own journey of life (thus far) and learning how to help others develop a healthy relationship with food, it's easy to question your own actions/habits particularly if you are always compa

Broccoli breakfast casserole with two yummy side dishes

Sleep and rest. Two things that are often hard to achieve for athletes, as well as for those who are seeking a more active lifestyle. I believe both are vital to ensuring optimal health and consistency in working toward your goals. As for sleep, athletes often have no trouble falling asleep due to feeling exhausted after squeezing it all in but then again, many athletes struggle with sleep for a host of reasons. Depending on when you eat dinner and your evening routine, my suggestion is to pass on that evening snack around 8 or 9pm, as you wait to watch a show on TV or as you are catching up on emails or searching around on the net. Immediately after dinner, pack your lunch for tomorrow, lay out your morning workout clothes (or work clothes) and try getting to bed 30-60 minutes earlier than normal. It will do wonders for your mind, health and exercise routine. Consider this suggestion not as "I'm not allowed to eat after 8pm" but rather that you are prioritizing sleep ove

Weekend catch-up and beany crockpot stew

What a beautiful weekend! The weather forecasted rain all weekend and instead we received clouds, comfortable temps for training and a few sprinkles from the sky. My 2 hr and 45 minute bike on Sat included a lot of wind and with every interval into the headwind, I gave my legs a little pep talk that I would be enjoying the tailwind in a matter of time. This week has been a fantastic recovery week with just enough of tempo work and "schedule" to keep my body fresh and recoverying without too much intensity. After the bike I went for a leisurely jog, monitoring my heart rate as I went by feel on the run. 4 miles later, Campy was ready for his part of the run...a quick sprint around the block. Unlike me, Campy is a born sprinter! This morning the wind was once again howling so decided to do my 90 minute pre-run bike warm-up on the road where I live...riding 4.5 miles each way for a few loops into the headwind and then enjoying the tailwind. I saw so many people outside on the ru