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Happy 14th Birthday Campy!

                                        It's a special day. It's Campy's 14th birthday. I cherish every extra year that we have with him and I never take a day for granted.  We adopted Campy in 2008. We were in no position to become dog owners but a series of events brought Campy into our life. Since day one, Campy has given me unconditional love, support, meaning and joy to my life. Although he can be overly judgmental and mistrustful of strangers, he's incredibly loyal. Even though he is fully dependent on us, I depend on him. On our worst days, he is always there to give support, to lick off falling tears and to cuddle through sadness and heartache.  Campy is not moving as fast as he used to. His golden fur has turned white. He recently lost his hearing and he enjoys sleeping much more than he did during his younger years. But he hasn't lost his spark. He is still overly protective of me, he is always up for a long walk, road trip or adventure and he loves to sho