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Palacinky (crepes) for dessert, or breakfast

Since I met Karel in 2006, my tummy has welcomed many Czech creations . It's always a special treat when we receive our yearly shipment of Karel's mom's Czech x-mas cookies (homemade, prepared with love and sent from Znojmo, Czech Republic). But I also enjoy the creations that Karel makes, along with the stories that go with the meal/food. Inspired by my Czech hubby, I made Palacinky last night for a holiday party at Open Road Bicycles Jax Beach . Not only was the party a holiday sweater theme but also an international food theme. In bite size pieces for easy tasting. It's a Czech dessert which is similar to crepes. I filled mine with strawberry rhubarb jam for the party.  The ingredient list is super simple that you can make Palacinky and use it like a wrap for any of your favorite fillings. A few ideas if you are using them as a dessert: Peanut butter, jam, sunflower seeds and banana slices Whipped cream cheese, cinnamon and apple slices Pear, w

Brownie Bites - Warning: you will yum when you eat them

The other day while watching the Today Show  and Keri Glassman, RD discussed using an avocado in a brownie. I love being creative in the kitchen so I thought this would be a great idea for the Hammerhead Tri club  holiday party (which included a cookie contest). Like usual, when I see a food or meal that inspires me, it's typically from the Internet or in a cookbook or magazine. Aside from baking, I'm not one to follow recipes (thus why I call my meals "creations") and I rarely measure food. As a dietitian and athlete, I see food for fuel and nourishment (and pleasure) and that makes me enjoy the cooking process as well as meal time. The majority of my meals are simply inspiration from real food and the final product is nothing more than putting several foods together for a balanced meal that's filled with flavor.  But because baking is a science and leaves little room for my creative mind, I needed a delicious avocado brownie recipe so I searche

Goodbye shoelaces, hello RIPLACES

  Not only are we lucky to be able to train outside year-round in Florida but our weather brings for many opportunities for year-round Farmer's Markets. We are incredibly spoiled by the many vendors at our Farmer's Markets, from local bakers and chefs to jewlery designers, farmers and other local companies. I just love to support small businesses and to learn more about people who have a dream for a service, food or skill that can make a difference in someone's life. If you are in the Jacksonville area, I highly recommend to stop by the Bartram Farmers Market from 3pm - 7pm today (THURS 12/5). Don't forget to bring cash.   These were a few of our finds at the last Bartram Farmers Market - apple struedels, cinnamon bread, radishes, RIPLACES (given to us to try out) and a variety of 100% fruit jams.     From the Nocatee Farmers Market , our favorite: FRESH BREAD! German rye loaf. A simple real food ingredient list with no preservatives. After

Returning to running after an injury

Ask any family member, training buddy or close friend to a runner (or triathlete) who is recently injured and can not run and you will quickly learn that an injured runner is no fun to be around. Sure, there are the athletes and fitness enthusiasts who keep a smiling face and a positive attitude while coping with an injury but it is completely normal to feel frustrated when you dedicate yourself to a goal and then receive a setback. So when you get injured the focus should not be on "when can I run again" but instead, "why did this happen and how can I become a smarter athlete because of this injury." As an athlete who enjoys to stay active, I have had many setbacks with training for events due to hip/back issues and anywhere from 6-12 weeks of no running. Although I can't say that I am always optimistic at the beginning of an injury, I have learned how to focus on the CANs and understand the physiology of my body better with an injury than when I am 100%

Enjoying the benefits of mushrooms

Common edible mushroom slideshow How do you like your mushrooms? I prefer cooked over raw. I really love the "meaty" texture and flavor of cooked mushrooms.  With over 2000 varieties of mushrooms, we have a few common ones at the grocery store (or farmers market) that are safe for human consumption.  Mushrooms are so versatile for they can be used in so many different types of dishes. From mushroom burgers to stir-fries, there are so many options, so long as you use your creativity in the kitchen.  While reading the July/August 2013 issue of Food and Nutrition magazine , I came across a beautiful picture of a variety of mushrooms. I just LOVE pictures of food.  Mushrooms are a nutrient dense food which means they are low in calories but packed with nutritional value. This is how I like to choose foods that I prioritize in my diet - per bite, how much nutrition am I getting? This is also a great way to choose your indulgences - if you are making every bite

In need of a bike trainer? Karel recommends........

I consider myself really lucky to be married to my bike mechanic. Not only is he crazy smart in all things related to bikes and a talented cat 1 cyclist (turned endurance triathlete and Trimarni coach) but with his retail experience as the former GM of the Trek Bicycle Store of Jacksonville for the past 5 years, Karel does a great job of staying up to date with products, gear and technology.   With the temps dropping, many athletes and fitness enthusiasts have a few options for riding in the winter months: -brave the cold and bundle up -dust off the bike in the spring -compu trainer or spin classes -indoor cycle trainer   I receive many questions about indoor trainers (obviously, the questions are for Karel for that is not my area of expertise) so I thought I would highlight a few trainers that Karel recommends.   A few things that Karel suggests to consider for when you are purchasing an athletic/fitness product/gear/equipment: -Customer service - can they help yo

Getting ready for the new year

If you are saying to yourself "I can't believe it's already December," you are not the only one who feels like time just rushes by.  So, perhaps this coming year you can do things a bit differently. Rather than waiting, hoping for the perfect moment or picking the day when everything will feel right, how about treating every day as if it was the first day to work on you.  To work on your goals, your body, your health, your outlook on life, your relationship with others. Whatever you choose to work on, why wait? Here are a few tips to help you get ready for the New Year: 1) The first step is always the hardest  I always learn so much when I ride my bike with Karel. Lately, I have been performing single leg drills, realizing how weak I am on the upstroke of my pedal stroke with my left leg. Well, yesterday Karel really challenged me when we went for our ride. He told me I have to unclip and step-down with my non-dominant leg (which for me, I typically