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Trimarni Clermont Camp: First day

Our first official day of camp started around 7am with a kitchen full of campers. There were a lot of happy and excited faces, fueling for a long day of training. At 8:15am, we carpooled to the National Training Center for the first workout of the day.  After a dryland mobility session, our campers jumped into the perfectly clear water of the NTC pool to start their 90-minute long course swim workout.  The workout was a mix of drills (sculling, fist progression and single arm) which then progressed into the main set which was a mix of open-water skills and strength/power. We finished the workout with a "race" - two by two in a lane and every camper finished the workout exhausted and accomplished. It was a great start to the day and the weather was amazing.  After the athletes were finished, our camp helper/athlete Alvi and I did our own swim workout (2200) while Karel and coach Joe confirmed our bike course for our afternoon workout. 

Hello from Trimarni camp!

We packed up the car on Tuesday morning and hit the road to Jacksonville, FL around noon. To start the morning, Karel went for a swim at Furman and I did a bike/run workout (indoors) to start the day. The furry crew went to their "spring break" camp at Grandmas. I drove the first 3 hours of the drive as Karel worked on the computer (thank you hot spot!) and then we swapped. For entertainment, we listened to various triathlon related podcasts. We made one stop at Chipotle and funny enough, Karel and I both got the same dish - a salad bowl w/ rice, beans, veggies and tofu. Yum yum. We arrived to our friends house in Jax around 6pm and I was quickly greeted with lots of sloppy kisses from sweet Reagan.  After a delicious dinner prepared by Erica, I got to hang out with Erica and Joe's cute son Weston for a little and then it was off to bed.  On Wednesday morning, we left around 7:30am for a 2.5 hour drive to Clermont, Florida. Joe, our assistant coach (who

Celebrating Registered Dietitian Day

As part of National Nutrition Month, I'm excited to share that today is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day! When you have a nutrition question, where's the first place you go? Do you check the Internet, read a magazine or ask a friend? While you may find a quick answer to your question, it may not be the most accurate, useful or personalized response. Although many people have nutritional experience, a registered dietitian is your nations qualified food and nutrition experts. Do you need nutrition help? Find a RD who specializes in a field that can be of assistance to your personal health and/or performance goals. As you may or may not know, the RD route wasn't originally in my career path. After obtaining a BA in exercise science and minor in psychology and then earning a MS in exercise physiology, I was focused on becoming a strength and conditioning coach. However, after getting involved in endurance sports, I wanted to learn more about nutrition and counsel a

It's camp week!!

While you may have an important triathlon race on your schedule, motivation is sure to ebb and flow throughout the year. Although it's not easy being an athlete, you are more likely to enjoy your training when your enjoyment factor is high. Sure, we need to embrace the solo grind that is needed for self improvement, but let's not forget that your sport also allows you to live a active, happy and healthy lifestyle - thus, it's important to find ways to keep sport fun.  I can't believe that this will be our 14th group training camp! Over the years, we have learned a lot and have met so many inspiring athletes and human beings. Whereas many training camps focus on accumulating miles, we believe in a nice mix of training, fun, education and skill development. And at our upcoming camp in Clermont, we are even including an Olympic distance race as part of our camp experience! Ultimately, our goal at each Trimarni camp is to help our athletes explore their true physical an