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Week is almost over!

What a week. I am almost finished with my research paper for Food science and I finished all my food science labs yesterday. I had to make about 10 different kinds of cakes and then 9 different muffins using different leavening agents. It was really neat to see the results but I don't want to see, make or taste another cake or muffin for a long time!!! I must say that Karel had a great time with this lab. Mr. Sweet tooth (aka karel) really enjoyed this lab. I think I might invest in a bread maker after going through this lab. I had a great time making healthy and low cal muffins and I even thought of ways to make the "sweet" foods healthier. Because Karel and I are big bread lovers, it might be fun to make our own bread. I am feeling a little more rested after vegas but I was super tired after a red-eye on tues night. In addition to the 3-hour time change, I was really messed up on wed. Plus with a bunch of nutrition consultations and school work to come home to I was onl

Not enough time in the day!

I'm back from vegas..I had a great time. The hotel was amazing, the conference speakers were amazing and it was great to see some old friends and meet new ones. I had a great time with my roomie Ivonne (that I met for the first time on sun) and it was great to share the conference with someone else. I have been going to the ISSN annual conference for the past 3 years so as my 4th time, I am pretty close with the board members. Knowing the inner circle has its perks but most of all, I find myself laughing and totally comfortable around all the PhD's and researchers. And believe me..these guys are smart!!! I really learned a lot and I will have to sum everything up. I spent the car ride home with karel explaining everything I learned. Not sure if he listened since he was thinking about what he wanted for breakfast, but he did ask questions. :) I am finding that there isn't enough time in the day. I am working on a research paper for my food science class (it's been a whil

ISSN conference

Just a quick update. I got in late on sunday night and I was just exhausted. I was super tired but when arriving at the hotel, I suddenly woke up. The Red Rock is absolutely amazing and I've never seen a hotel like this before. The hotel is off the strip and in the desert/mountains and the layout of the hotel is beautiful. I will post pics when I return on wed morning. I have seen a lot of familiar faces and met some nice people. Today I met a researcher from Gener8 which is a new sport drink which I've seen in various magazines. I was interested in the ingredients in the powder and how it is "better than the rest" in the field of sport drink. I still need to see more research to validate the claims. More so, I will let Karel try it out and see what he thinks. He is my subject for all new products so lucky for me, I have someone who either says Yes or No if products work. I think because I have created a steady diet for karel and I, as far as stabilizing our blood sug

Heading to Vegas!

Before packing up my bags I needed to get an exhausting workout. I guess it just comes with traveling that a good morning workout makes for a well-deserving day of sitting on an air plane. Karel and I rode together at 7am to meet the Open Road cycles group. More like a peloton with over 30 people. Oh jeez. Well, I had a few miles to build my confidence before the speed picked up and Karel was giving me his always helpful advice as we rode next to each other. Karel was only planning on doing a short ride due to a race today but decided not to do the race..but still kept the ride short. However, I was out for the whole ride....until I got dropped that is. The pace picked up to around 23 and it varied between 25 and 23 for most of the ride. I was hanging on ok for around 10 miles and luckily I knew the roads so that helped with my cornering. It wasn't too long after I was looking at the wheel in front of me that I noticed the pace picked up and Karel was gone. Hum....Well, the road tu