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Hello...from Charlotte!

Caption contest.... "Campy, did you do this?" Right now we are in beautiful Charlotte, NC - one of my most favorite places! In just a few hours, Karel will be racing with the BIG BOYS at the Presbyterian Hospital Invitational Criterium. For those who ride their bikes for a day-job, they will be racing for a HUGE prize purse of $50,000! Karel is hoping for a finish after 50-miles of crit racing in downtown Charlotte tonight at 7:30pm. Two-hours of suffering on a crazy tough course. If Karel wins some gas money, that's would be icing on the cake but I know he will take a finish as this race has been on his bucket list for the past few years. After a 6-hour drive (I mean 9 hours all thanks to sprink breaker traffic congestion, errr) we arrived to our good friend's house (Christi) who will be participating in her 8th Boston marathon on Monday! She has raced every year since excited for her streak! Campy played with her dog Mil

What an EVENT at Trek Bicycle Store of Jacksonville!!

Free samples, free food, free "secret" tips from Pro triathlete Dirk Bockel (4th at the 2011 Ironman World Championship), free fun and the kick off to the Trek Nationwide Trek Sale! (April 12-16). Dirk lives in St. Augustine when he and his wife are not traveling the world as he trains and races as a professional athlete. Dirk is a respectable, down-to-earth guy who is honest, funny and incredibly talented. Dirk answered lots of questions, from everything to his race tactics at the Ironman World Championships, his plan of action (and thoughts) of Lance Armstrong racing as a professional triathlete in 70.3 and Ironman distances, his structure with training, his typical pre race foods and the biggest take-home message....the best advice he was ever given.... (to the best of my memory as stated by Dirk) "Always have fun. If I was just in it for the money, I wouldn't last long in this sport. This is my profession but I turned my hobby into a job. I still struggle with

Meet Pro Triathlete Dirk Bockel w/ Leopard Trek!

If you are near or in the Jacksonville area tomorrow, come visit the Beach Trek store from 6:30-8:30 for goodies, freebies and a fun evening getting to know Pro triathlete Dirk Bockel. Dirk placed 4th in the 2011 Ironman World Championship and recently signed with Leopard Trek, marking the first successful integration of a triathlete into a pro cycling team's infrastructure. Hope to see you there!! Be sure to head on over to my Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition FACEBOOK page and LIKE my page for daily motivation, tips, inspiration and education. Here's today's mid-week pick-me-up.... (and Campy in an old pic...loving HIS life)

Baked eggplant and kale, tofu and barley stir-fry

I'm always inspired by food. Restaurants, commercials, TV shows.... you name it and I get inspired. I suppose I'm not the typical consumer as I don't get that craving to go out and "buy" that item but rather, to re-"create" it to meet my lifetyle needs (both health and fitness). In the 2012 April issue of Cooking Light, there was a great article on Whole grains. As part of Cooking Light's 12 Healthy habits (1 a month).... Jan - veggie up Feb - get moving March - get cooking April - whole grains When it comes to simple..whole grains have you covered. They are a one-pot wonder but now-a-day, extremely overlooked. On py 58 "only in the last century have refined grains become more popular than whole grains - thanks, in large part, to the introduction of white flour at the industrial level. When left whole, grains are full of protein, fiber, complex carbs, vitamins, and antioxidants, many of which are stripped away in the refining process. A diet ric

A BIG thank you to....

* TO Karel - for believing me when I think to myself "there's no way I can do that!" I will remember this weekend as one of my toughest training weekends to date. The wind forced me to play a lot of games with my mind and body. I found myself cutting a lot of deals with myself, not to quit, not to say "I can't" and to try my best to silence any and all negative thoughts. I wasn't perfect in hitting my zones but that wasn't my goal. Give my best and see what happens. That is what this weekend was all about....for on race day, I don't remember the missed zones or the missed workouts but rather the ones that force me to give my best, whatever that may be on that given day. * TO my mind and body - Again, you did not dissapoint. We did it together, despite forceful wind and a busy weekend. Workouts this weekend: Saturday - 3:30 bike + 30 min run Bike - 2 x 20 min w/ 2 min EZ 2 x 25 min w/ 2 min EZ 10 min EZ 1 x 30 min (all withi