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2017 Trimarni camps and key races

Pre-race visualization at Ironman Mont Tremblant Karel and I believe that our coaching company is more than a business. We coach a team of amazing, goal-oriented, hard working and focused athletes.  Each athlete welcomes us into his/her life and we feel incredibly lucky to be part of a personal athletic journey. For most of our athletes, we do not spend just one season training for races but instead, we have many athletes who have worked with us for several years. If you are a triathlete, we know that you are in an individual sport, but we want you to be part of something that is bigger than yourself. As a Trimarni athlete, you are not just one athlete. Every athlete brings something very special to our team, which is also your triathlon family.  We know that training can be unmotivating when you are always by yourself and sometimes your family doesn't "get you". We also know that it can be tough to dig through those low moments in a race when you

Hello from Mont Tremblant!

Well, I'm about a week late on this post due to a very slow internet connection in our IMMT rental home combined with looking after and helping 7 Trimarni athletes (+1 former Trimarni athlete) who raced Ironman Mont Tremblant.  As we pack our bags and say good-bye to this beautiful, cute, triathlon-supporting town within  Qu├ębec,  Canada, we can look back on race day and confidently say that all our athletes had a very successful race.....despite 9+ hours of rain.  All of the Trimarni athletes accomplished what they came here to do..... Finish Ironman Mont Tremblant.  There was a lot of determination, focus, grit, hard work and  perseverance  out on the race course for 140.6 miles. With rough waters during the swim, pouring rain and cool weather temps on the bike and on and off rain during the rain, alongside a challenging bike and run course which can to be difficult to master in terms of pacing and execution, we could not be more proud of our athletes. And for me, as a spectat