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IM Austria race report - post race

You can't have a race report without the post race details...... With quads that were no longer working, I slowly hobbled my way to the big white tent with Karel (only athletes allowed inside) to grab my street wear bag. Karel told me that there were showers outside the white tent for showering. I could not wait to clean myself up after racing for 10+ hours. I walked over to the showers, thinking that there was only one set of showers but thankfully, there was a men's and a women's shower. The line to the male showers was long and not only was it filled with men but naked men. Oh my - what a sight (when in Europe)! When I opened the door and walked into the women's shower "cubicle", there was at least 8 individual showers (and curtains) and no wait! With warm water, I cleaned myself up and it felt amazing. What a treat to have indoor showers right at the race venue after an Ironman. After I got dressed, I met Karel and my mom j

IM Austria race report - 26.2 mile run

Not feeling so great within the first 1/2 mile of the run, my first thought was that this is going to be one tough marathon for my body to get through. To be honest, after 10 Ironman starts and finishes, this wasn't the first time that I have thought this or experienced this feeling, so I just reminded myself that the only way I would get to the finish was to keep moving forward. While I felt physically fit and prepared for IM Austria, I did a lot of mental training to help me prepare for the uncontrollable moments and the uncomfortable moments of racing a 140.6 mile event.  I was prepared mentally for anything that came my way on race day. And oh boy, was I given a lot to struggle with during the marathon! Going into Ironman Austria, I reminded myself that I was in great health and that any suffering that I felt on race day was normal and expected. I welcomed the opportunity to suffer for 10+ hours and I wanted to embrace the good hurt that I would feel when racing to th