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After months of hard training, I'm finally enjoying a little break this week. Nothing structured, no heart rate monitor and I'm finally recovering from the race. No running, just cyling on my road bike and swimming this week. My quads are still a little sore but at least I'm walking normally again! I guess the pain is from pushing my legs to the limit for 13.1 miles of the Half Ironman. Next week starts my Kona training. Not that I haven't been training long and hard for the past few months, but the workouts get longer and more intense. The focus now is pushing my body for the next 19 weeks to get faster and stronger! And now with the 70.3 World Championships a month after Kona, I will need to train even harder to get myself ready for two big races! To keep me sane with my training, I stay very involved with the tri-community andspeak to athletes as much as possible to get people excited to start the sport of triathlon. I also do swim lessons for little kids, do persona

Ironman 70.3 Florida Race Report

It all started on sat after I warmed up on the bike for an hour and followed it with a 10 minute run. After making myself a good carb-breakfast, I finished any last minute packing and I was out the door around 10:30am. To keep myself from getting too stressed, I turned up the music in my car and tried to forget about the race. The past week has been a mess for me, with my nerves attempting to get the best of me. I am not a good traveler when it comes to races. The first year when I started tri's (2 years ago) I was all about spending time at expos or at the race site. I.e. lots of time on my feet. Now I want to get to the expo, pick up my stuff, check my bike in and get into a hotel or off my feet. Well, most of that was true for Disney this year, except for staying off my feet. After I checked my bike in, I met up with my good friend Christie and she walked me back to the Wilderness. I meet up with my crew of friends and we had lunch at the Wilderness Lodge. I organized my stuff i