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Feeling "off" with your workout routine? Recharge with these tips

We all love to dream  big and working hard is not out of the question for us to reach our goals.  But what about the days when you are feeling a bit "off"?  Missing a workout due to weather is understandable.  As much as we would all love perfect weather for training (everyday) the weather is out of our control.  Here are a few of my tips from USA Triathlon that I wrote a while back, to help you understand what to focus on when your workout doesn't work out.  What To Do When Your Workout Doesn’t Work Out Do you need more info on sport nutrition, workouts, strength training or daily nutrition to support your active lifestyle?  Check out my  TIPS   page and PRE-BUILT PLANS   at  . Happy Training!

Happy Valentine's day smoothie

Strawberry chocolate ginger smoothie Ingredients 30g  protein powder  (grams are protein amount. Vegan, soy or whey protein are fine). 1/2 tsp chopped ginger 1 large celery stick (chopped) 5 baby carrots 1/2 cup organic soy milk (or your choice of milk) Dash of cinnamon 5 coffee beans (optional) 1 square dark chocolate (I used  Ghirardelli 86% Cacao ) 4 pineapple chunks 4 large strawberries 1/2 banana 1 tbsp chia seeds 3/4 cup water 1 cup ice cubes 1. Place ingredients in blender (except protein) and blend until ice is crushed.  2. Add protein powder and blend until you reach your consistency needs (the longer you blend, the more volume you will make for a thicker smoothie).  3. Optional - top with a little granola for a crunch in your glass. Serves 2 people (16 ounces each person) I recommend to treat this as a "meal" per person. This is a great way to recover from a workout or to just enjoy a smoothie as a balanced, wholesome meal, filled with fla

56 things that I love.

1. My family and Karel's family 2. Karel 3. My furry family (Campy, Smudla and Madison) 4. Animals and all creatures 5. Public speaking and changing lifestyles 6. Writing 7. Laughing and smiling 8. Positive people 9. Kind people 10. Passionate, inspiring and hard working individuals 11. Helping others 12. Traveling to new places 13. Local brick-oven pizza 14. Coffee and pastries in Europe 15. Water 16. Swimming 17. Biking 18. Triathlons 19. The Ironman distance triathlon 20. Challenging myself 21. Overcoming obstacles 22. Learning 23. Dreaming big 24. Sleep 25. Trail mix 26. Berries 27. My body and all it allows me to do 28. The human body in motion 29. The athletes that I coach 30. The athletes and fitness enthusiasts that I work with on nutrition 31. Changing lifestyles one bite and workout at a time.  32. Being able to call myself a registered dietitian 33. Nature 34. Real food 35. Taking pictures of foo

Broccoli and tempeh ginger stir-fry

It's no fun coming home hungry after a long day/commute, evening workout or late meetings and feeling the pressure to cook.  We all have crammed-packed schedules but even if you want more hours in the day to get everything done, you'd likely fill-up those hours as well. Rather then beating yourself up that you are failing on certain areas of you life that may improve your overall health, remind yourself that regardless if you find the time or make the time, you do have time that you may not be using wisely and nothing is more important to your busy life than keeping your body in good health. You know a home cooked meal will make you feel great inside and with you in control of the portions, ingredients and timing, there is a lot to benefit from when it comes to preparing food at home.  So the hope is that when you make small changes with your diet and keep them up, you will feel the effects of those changes and not only form new healthy habits but you may also feel s

The athlete's body - love your body in motion

source This is one of my favorite pictures to use in my presentations when I talk to athletes and fitness enthusiasts about learning how to have a healthy relationship with food and the body. I'm sure that you can see immediately why I love this picture. Both athletes are incredible because of what they are able to do with their body.  If you are currently training for an event or have ever trained for a race, you may have noticed that through hard work, consistency, a balanced diet and proper sport nutrition and nutrient timing your body became stronger, faster or more powerful to carry you through longer and/or more intense workouts.  Sadly, many athletes are not only seeking great fitness gains for an upcoming event but chasing the "look" of an athlete.  In reference to the above picture, place the two athletes side-by-side at the beach, in bikinis, and Zelinka will likely gather a lot of attention for her defined body. Put the two athletes side-by-side at th

Boost athletic performance with restful sleep

After 6 consistent, quality workouts last week, it's time to reward my body with a restful night of sleep.  As an athlete who is passionate about training smarter in order to train harder, I feel absolutely no guilt when I see all of my alarms set on "OFF." Yay for no-alarm Mondays!! As a coach, I see and hear far too often of athletes waking up super early for a recovery workout. Or, after days and days of early morning wake-up calls to squeeze in the training in a time-crunched lifestyle, the body is no longer performing but the athlete feels a sense of guilt if he/she doesn't workout the same time, every day. Sure, active recovery is great and I am all for it in a balanced training plan, but never at the expense of getting a good night of sleep.  Restful sleep is not only important for overall health but for athletes, it's crucial for rest and recovery.  For the fitness enthusiast and health conscious Did you know that restless o

Trying for a triathlon?

A few of my tips for planning your triathlon season. #oakleywomen #oakleypbc #madeformore Trying for a triathlon? Signing up for races is easy. Training can be fun and challenging. Finishing a race can be rewarding, knowing that all that hard work paid off. But how do you know if you are training for the best race for your body and mind, at the right time?   I find that many athletes jump the gun when signing up for races and do not consider the time, money and energy that it takes to participate in a race. In addition to the effort required to train for a race, an athlete needs mental toughness to face obstacles and setbacks.  It's important to pick the right races. You never know if a race will be exactly what you planned for, but with a little thinking ahead, you can set yourself up for a great racing season and... Read More Oakley Women's Collective