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The Ultimate Homemade Meatless Black Bean Burger

In our latest free weekly newsletter, we gave the spotlight to the underappreciated veggie burger. To read the newsletter click HERE . To subscribe, click HERE. I have to give all credit to my assistant and friend Joey Mock RD, LD, CLT for giving so much energy to making this delicious veggie burger. It was certainly a labor of love but after one bite, it was well worth the time. If you are ready to make the most delicious homemade meatless burger you have ever tasted, here's the recipe. The Ultimate Meatless Black Bean Burger (a labor of love) By Joey Mock, RD, LD, CLT This restaurant quality meaty Meatless Black Bean Burger recipe is mouthwatering deliciousness. From the flavor to the texture, you may even find that the beef eaters in your life refrain from asking “where’s the beef?” when sinking their teeth into this burger. To give you a heads-up, this recipe is quite the labor of love to prepare however, with a little planning and batch preparation, it is

How to avoid a painful side-stitch

Over the past few weeks, I've had several athletes reach out regarding painful side-stitches while running and if they are nutrition related. Well, the answer is yes and no. I thought it would be helpful to go into the details behind the dreaded side-stitch and how to minimize the chances of one occurring while you are exercising (primarily running).  What is a side-stitch?  Also known as ETAP (Exercise-related transient abdominal pain), a side-stitch is a localized pain, typically sharp or stabbing, that occurs in any region of the abdomen but typically on the right quadrant of the abdomen. Most athletes experience side-stitches during running and the intense pain typically resides when at rest. Athletes of all fitness levels experience side-stitches, however, fitter (more trained) athletes may experience them less frequently.  What causes a side-stitch?  That's a good question! Research is unclear of the exact mechanism that causes a side-stitch, however, a few

Calling all beginner triathletes!

I remember my very first triathlon like it was yesterday. I saw a flyer on the Lexington, KY YMCA wall, outside of the classroom where I taught spin classes. As a life-long competitive swimmer who recently transitioned to cross-country running (to give my back a break from all the swimming), I was intrigued by this 3-sport event because it was a new challenge for me to conquer. I was more excited than intimated but I had one main concern - I didn't own a bike. Luckily, my 21st birthday was approaching so I did what any 21-year old would do...I asked for bike from my parents so I could compete in my first triathlon. With less than a week before the event, I rode my shiny new hybrid bicycle a few times in my neighborhood and somehow I convinced myself that I was ready for my first ever triathlon. My dad traveled with me to watch and I had so much fun ....even though I had no idea what I was doing. Look at me so focused and determined (and a little bit scared on a bicycle)!

Do you get gassy after swimming?

GI issues are very common among athletes - specifically endurance athletes in the sports of running, cycling and triathlon. Don't let the happy post-workout smiles on social media fool you for a good number of athletes experience unwelcomed intestinal problems during exercise. The most common (and annoying) GI complaints include: Belching Nausea Heartburn Gas Abdominal cramping Loose stools Abdominal pain Diarrhea  Vomiting Side stiches There are several common reasons for GI issues such as dehydration (thus why athletes complain of many more GI issues in the summer months versus winter), high fiber/fat foods and using NSAIDs such as ibuprofen.  Although runners more frequently experience GI issues compared to other athletes, in my latest Triathlete magazine article (July 2018, pg. 62), I discussed some of the reasons why swimmers/triathletes may get gassy after swimming and how to minimize this unpleasant post-swim issue.                                   

3-week countdown - final Ironman prep

On Saturday, after my big day of Ironman-specific training, I reflected on my season journey and couldn't help but think how far I have come over the past 12 years. I never thought I'd be so fit, healthy, strong and resilient at the age of 36. It's kinda funny because at the young age of 24 (when I started endurance triathlon racing), I thought I was in such great shape. Ha! While some years have left me feeling frustrated with my body, over the past five years, I continue to feeling stronger, healthier and fitter. In 2017, I dedicated the year to half IM distance racing and never really felt "it." Something was missing and it was the focus on Ironman training and racing. While an extreme distance that requires a lot of time, energy and focus, it's a distance that suits me physically and mentally. Thankfully, I have a great support system and my friends and family "get me". Luckily (or unluckily), my fainting incident on race day morning at the I