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Childhood Obesity Grant

I have a few very special mentors in my life. My parents have given me great advice over the last 27 years. I am certain that I didn't believe (or care) what they were telling me when I was a teenager but after I graduated college, my weekly phone calls turned into daily phone calls (sometimes 2-3 times a day) and you better believe that I needed them more than ever while I was in graduate school, in addition to after graduate school when I only had $10 in my checking account. Now as I embark on another chapter of my life with my dietetic internship, I am so fortunate that my parents don't charge interest because my education tab is getting rather large due to this expensive internship (on top of the past 2 years of my distance dietetic courses - thankfully, I have most of it paid off). Last night, as I was going through my distance dietetic internship handbook I had a little breakdown once I started calculating the costs and fees for everything. Let's just say, another yea

Fiesta Salad and Peanut Butter walnut granola

According to Karel, Americans' have a day for everything. Coming from a Czech, I guess he is right..... however, he isn't complaining for a few days off from work every now and then :) We celebrate all professions, all types of individuals/creatures and of course, all national holidays. In honor of Cinco de Mayo and Mother's day, I created two fabulous recipes to share with your friends and family (of course, any day). No need for a wrap or tortilla with this "hot" salad. You can find plenty of fiber in this meal. And when you take a bite (if you can stop at that) of my best granola EVER (seriously, I am not lying!) all of your childhood memories of eating peanut butter or cheerios will come to mind. Enjoy my latest creations! Fiesta Salad 2 tsp olive oil Frozen vegetable mix (1-2 cups) Mushrooms Onions Garlic Tomatoes Green peppers 1 can black beans 1 cup brown rice Block Jalepeno cheese (about 2 tbsp per person shredded) Romaine lettuce 1. Cook rice on stove acc

Understanding Your Training and Racing Nutrition

My latest article for Iron Girl (in the FREE newsletter) could not have come at a better time. I have received countless emails in the last few weeks concerning training and racing nutrition. As the weather gets warmer in Florida (and most states in the US), it is a sure sign that triathlon season is quickly approaching. I firmly believe that your racing fueling strategy is both dependent on your daily diet and your efficiency as an athlete. Bottom line - If you find yourself racing at an intensity that you did not train for and can not sustain, be prepared for nutrition-related problems. If you want to race fast, you need to train your body to do so. Regardless if you are shooting for a personal best or a "just finish" experience, a well-trained, efficient body is an easy-to-fuel, and well-performing body. You don't have to run a sub-20 min. 5K or finish an Ironman in under 11 hours in order to be an efficient athlete. Unfortunately, consuming extra energy gels, sport b

USA Crits: Speedweek pics

For the first time ever, Karel did every race of USA Crits: Speedweek Terrapin Twilight Athens,GA April 24 Historic Roswell Crit Roswell,GA April 25 Beaufort Memorial Crit Beaufort,SC April 27 Downtown Walterboro Crit Walterboro,SC April 28 Spartanburg Downtown Crit Spartanburg,SC April 30 Dilworth Crit Charlotte, NC May 1 Global BMW Sandy Springs Crit Sandy Springs,GA May 2 Karel seems to be doing really well post-Speedweek, despite doing 7 races in 9 days. I'm making sure he is re-fueling from all of his hard efforts last week, as well as making sure he is recovering quickly for this coming weekend (Florida Cycling State Crit Championships). Every race was at his max (or above, if possible) and required a lot of mental and physical toughness. Although he didn't finished the notorious Athens Twilight Crit, he finished every race, alongside some of the fastest and most talented professional domestic riders. Most of the races start

Fish and inflammation

Campy and Milo... Race #6 was in the books on Sat. Wow, 6 races in 8 days! Karel's last race was yesterday (he finished!) and he is officially tired (I will be posting a short recap w/ pics tomorrow). I have no idea how he stayed so tough day after day, but if his determination to finish these races speaks on behalf of his character, you better believe that he gives nothing but 100% no matter what he does. I am really happy to be married to one amazing Czech cyclist! Karel doesn't take anything for granted and he isn't one to complain. I know he has toughen me up over the past 4 years!! After Karel's race in Dilworth NC on Sat, I made Karel and Christi dinner. I always try to get Karel fish after his "hard" races in an effort to speed up the recovery process. Fish is not only healthy for the heart, but the inflammation-fighting effects of the omega-3 fatty acid's (found in fish) help lower C-reactive protein (inflammatory marker). Of course,