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Fitness Challenge!

This is great Caitlin! I am all about body weight "strength training". A vital component of my triathlon training. Great exercises! Fitness Challenge!

Quick Studies - dairy, carrots and magnesium

YIPPEE. Just received the 2012 April issue of Nutrition Action Healthletter. I wanted to share some quick studies with you..... Dairy and prostate cancer It looks like men who have been diagnosed with localized prostate cancer needn't worry that dairy foods may make their cancer spread, as some studies had suggested. For 8 years, researchers tracked nearly 4000 men who had been diagnosed with localized prostate cancer. Those who reported eating the most milk, cheese, cream or other dairy foods were no more likely to die or be diagnosed with metastatic cancer than those who ate the least dairy. The only linke: men who drank the most whole milk had an increased risk that their cancer would spread, while those who consumed the most low-fat dairy had reduced risk. However, it's possible that something else about people who drink whole milk or eat low-fat dairy explain their risk. What to do: If you've been diagnosed with localized prostate cancer, you needn't avoid dairy fo

Sun-dried tomato avocado dip

Thank you 110% play harder, Oakley women and Hammer Nutrition!! Also, a big thanks to the Tri Warriors for letting me speak about two topics that I am so very passionate nutrition/fueling and recovery. My camera decided to stop video recording in the middle of the talk so I plan on doing a similar lecture in Jacksonville in the near future so I will be sure to record that and share on my blog and follow up with a handout on my website (Check the Recent News - EVENTS AND MEDIA for more info as I will often update this page with helpful info and upcoming events). Alongside talking in great detail about the physiology of the body and how important it is to prioritize sport nutrition during training, I really enjoyed talking about some of my favorite products for recovery. Over the past few years, I've learned how to train harder by recovering faster. Rather than trying to train more, I train smarter. Here are my top 4 suggestions for athletes (and fitne

To-do's on triathlon/running race week

First off...if you are in the Palm Harbor, Clearwater or Tampa area, you are invited to my talk this evening at the Palm Harbor YMCA. Did you know that the more volume in the stomach, the faster rate of emptying of sport drinks from the stomach to the intestines for absorption? On the flip side, high intense exercise, high calorie/carb drink and stress/anxiety will slow emptying and may increase GI distress. Want to learn more???...come to my talk tonight at the Palm Harbor YMCA at 7pm. Also a Trimarni creation, Hammer freebies, 110% Play harder discounts will be provided! Email me with any questions. (Thanks to the Palm Harbor Tri Warriors Triathlon club for letting me speak tonight!) It's Spring!! Which means for many, it's the start of Triathlon Season! (1 day before my first Ironman, IMFL in 2006) (morning of my first Ironman! Can you tell I am excited about the Ironman??) It still feels like yesterday when I was counting down the days, sleeps, hours and minutes until my v

Healthy Aging Food Strategy

Yummm. Mixed roasted vegggies and fresh red chopped potatoes, tossed in olive oil and seasoned with parsley, pepper, a pinch of sea salt and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Cooked at 425 degrees until golden brown, this is an easy way to "cook" without having to stand around in the kitchen. In the April 2012 issue of Environmental Nutrition, I enjoyed reading through 12 anti-inflammatory eating approaches on pg 4, in order to reduce risk of age-related chronic diseases and promote healthy living. According to the article, "in order to reduce inflammation, aim for optimal diet patterns. Follow a diet rich in whole foods, including carbs such as whole grains, fruits, fats like nuts and avocados, protein sources such as fish and legumes and include regular exercise and don't smoke. All simple lifestyle practices that seem to "cool down" inflammation, according to a 2006 review published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. " "Conversely,

Campy on the mend

What an eventful last few days.... On Thursday afternoon, I took Campy to the vet and the diagnosis was that he needed to get his anal glands expressed. Lovely. Scared to put Campy under, I have been putting off getting his teeth professionally cleaned for the past year. I figured now is the best time as I fear putting it off too long would only hurt campy's health in the long run. Of course, I asked all the important questions that any good doggy-mommy would ask "When can I pick him up, how long will he be under, can I bring a blanket for him?" Combined with teeth cleaning and getting his anal glands expressed, Campy also had an ear infection that needed looking into as he is a bit too squirmy (even with a muzzle) and previous medications have not helped. Oh, we also decided to microchip him as well. Poor Campy. He thought he was going for a car ride with Karel and instead he was going to that scary place that he would rather never see again. I've recently been takin