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Comparison - how's it working for you?

It's often said that comparison is the thief of joy. In other words, social comparison is a big part of how we determine our own level of happiness.  If you find yourself in a daily competition with the achievements of others, it's time to direct your energy elsewhere. Start caring about the things and people in life that are meaningful and purposeful to you. Life is filled with sadness, stress, pain, disappointments, insecurities, anxiety or depression. It doesn't matter who you are, life can be tough. However, this idea that life is far from perfect is far from the picture-perfect life that is often depicted on social media. While you may envy over someone's highlight real, you never know what the behind-the-scene moments look like.  I encourage you to have less comparison to others and more compassion toward yourself.  Although it is inspiring and motivating to see the success stories of others, do not let the triumphs of someone else trump your own

Struggles with mental health

The past few days have been incredibly tough for us at Trimarni. We lost an athlete who took his own life. Although we know that depression can be life-threatening, never have we experienced something like this before. It's been an emotional time for us - with several days of carrying around a very heavy heart. While this is an incredibly sad time for us, it's also an opportunity to re-address mental health illnesses. These are real illnesses that are often hidden behind a smiling or "successful" person. Never underestimate the importance of taking care of your mental health. Athletes often feel a strong connection with their body. The mind-body connection can be extremely powerful as it relates to optimizing performance. However, by constantly existing in a state of high expectations, your emotional well-being could become compromised. When you feel as if you must perform physically and mentally at your best - in both training and in life (work, family, frien

Private Camper Diane - bike terrain management

Last week we had the pleasure of spending three packed days with our athlete Diane. Coming from Chicago, Diane was thrilled to ride outside. We made sure to give her plenty of time outside on two wheels with three long rides (3 hours, 2.5 hours and 3.5 hours). We have been coaching Diane for over a year and we've seen her develop into a very competitive age-group triathlete (50-54 age group). As a very experienced long-distance triathlete - having completed ten Ironman distance triathlons - we know Diane is a hard-working triathlete. She's motivated and determined. Therefore, we don't need her to train any harder or longer. Instead, she's at the point in her triathlon journey where we just need her to train and race smarter. While we were able to have a big breakthrough in her swimming over her 3-day training camp, we spent the majority of her camp on terrain management and riding skills. Here are a few pictures from Diane's 3-day private camp.