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2010 - Year in Pictures


Planning ahead

With the first day of 2011 being less than 48 hours away, I'm sure you are anxiously awaiting the start of the new year. With a new year comes new goals, new races, new eating habits and a new outlook on life. Although many people don't wait until the new year to create a "new you", the new year is coming, whether you like it or not. I am happy to announce that I am officially registered for the New Orleans 70.3 on April 17th, 2011. Karel and myself (and several other Jacksonville athletes) are super excited for this event. Karel has never been to New Orleans and it's been several years since I have been to New Orleans. As usual, I'm sure Karel's day of spectating will include a wide variety of beer selections. What's a guy to do while his wife is racing for 4+ hours? Although I plan to be finished in sub-5 hours, I guess Karel has an excuse to enjoy some beer in New Orleans. Karel got this shirt in Madison while he attended the 2010 Trek World Conven

Plyo's = ouch!

Karel can barely walk and my body is sore from head to toe. I guess my Plyometric workout on Tues was a bit challenging for even my superhero husband. Secretly, we enjoy the soreness cause with proper recovery and good nutrition, we will continue to get stronger. Karel and I have been doing Plyo's for a few years now. I recommend that all athletes do plyometrics, if they are injury-free and have no existing conditions that may be affected from plyo's. I realize that jumping off and on blocks or bounding on one or two feet can be a bit intimidating. Depending on your current fitness level and experience with plyometrics, every athlete should be smart when starting something new with your body. With a little direction and help from exercise professionals, plyometrics are beneficial for athletes of all levels. I often hear athletes saying that they are worried about hurting their ankles or falling when doing plyometrics. Sure, there is certainly a risk for injury if you are overam

Positive New Year Changes

According to John Norcross, a Professor of Psychology and Distinguished University Fellow at the University of Scranton, a clinical psychologist in part-time practice, and editor of the Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session, 40-46% of people will be successful with New Year Resolutions after 6 months. Having studied New Year resolutions for the past 2 years, Norcross feels that 71% of people will keep resolutions for 2 weeks but that percentage drops to 64% after one month. For the more than half of the population who is setting a New Year resolution, your resolution will be a success for at least 1 month. I'm not sure on the statistics for Feb-Dec, but I'm sure that those who set realistic resolutions are more likely to succeed throughout the rest of the year than those who set unrealistic, unmaintainable resolutions. I have faith in you. I know you will succeed. I know that you believe you can succeed. I know your resolution is realistic, practical and doable. I know you

Beautiful Florida Day

I'm currently looking out the window, wondering if I am going to get blow away. Karel is off to ride the hills of San Antonio (Florida) and I have already ruled out a bike ride. The wind is gusting 35 mph and my power tap dish wheel (and front wheel) are not ready to practice in "kona" winds...just yet. I'm thinking a run is going to finish my active recovery, unstructured exercise week after the Jax 1/2 marathon. I'm excited to sit down with Karel and see what we can create for my training for the next 4-5 weeks. I'm really enjoying my well-needed break from interning but I know on Jan 3rd, it's back to the world of being a dietetic intern. But that's ok 'cause I am in the home stretch! With 6 months of interning behind me, I only have 4 to go!!! Only 16 more weeks of interning (32 hours a week) and I will be eligible to sit for the Registered Dietitian Exam. OH MY!! Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Florida. It started off a bit cool but the