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Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

When in Utah, I was inspired by one of our dinners at the Oakley Women house. It was pasta night and we had a variety of pasta's for every type of dietary preference. We had regular lasagna w/ meat, gluten free/vegetarian lasagna and spaghetti squash lasagna. All but the meat lasagna, I sampled them all and really enjoyed my first taste of spaghetti squash lasagna. I just love the flavors of pizza and you can't go wrong with cheese and sauce so I figured this would be a great creation to try at home. Wow - it did not disappoint us and Karel absolutely loved it (aka "husband approved"). Feel free to switch up the veggies and use your choice of protein. I had a super busy day yesterday - non stop work after my morning interval run so I tried to keep this recipe super simple. In the morning I had planned for this for dinner so I prepared the squash earlier in the day (I work at home when I am not in the hospital) so that it would be easy for preparing, later in the da

Active kiddos - Marathon High Program

A few weeks ago I spoke to a group of half marathon runners in the Jacksonville area on the topic of daily and sport nutrition. This is not my normal crowd as these individuals are not running for PR's...and they are not allowed to drink. Some of them can't even drive yet. That's right....almost 200 High School kiddos in the Jacksonville area (divided among 5 schools) are training for their first or second half marathon -  26.2 with Donna .  If you are not familiar with Marathon High, it is a non profit program that encourages high school students to develop self-respect, confidence and healthy lifestyles through training for and running a 13.1 half marathon.  Here's a bit more about the program: "We are a proud partner with the Galloway Training Program and the 26.2 with Donna Foundation. This is a free, after-school running club open to teens of all backgrounds and abilities in grades 9-12. The program is non-competitive, which means speed does n

Back to the routine

  It was sad to leave my Oakley Women friends (family) but I am back at home now and filled with memories. There's nothing better than a trip to get you excited about coming home with ideas, dreams and goals and the inspiration to start making things happen. To get me back into the routine, Campy wasted no time for his daily tummy rubs.  While in Utah, I enjoyed a change of my routine and trying new foods. I was sure to not skimp on my protein so every morning I enjoyed an omelet filled w/ veggies alongside toast w/ PB.  Thankfully, the altitude didn't get to me when snowboarding or when sleeping but I made sure when I was running on the treadmill on Sunday morning, that I didn't go by my normal "at sea level" pace. I was sure to stay extra hydrated while in Utah as we were about 8,000 feet up and I also tried to do the best I could w/ fruits and veggies, which was easy as Oakley Women had a wonderful dinner prepared for us every evening. When I go

Hello from Utah!

Two years ago I won a contest with Oakley Women describing how I "perform beautifully". It was a life-changing contest to be an Oakley ambassador and the opportunities with Oakley Women have been amazing. I have met some amazing women from around the world and because of them I have been incredibly inspired and motivated to continue my quest to live an active and healthful lifestyle. I believe that every opportunity in life has the opportunity to change a person, whether it is good or bad. I don't believe that we should wish for opportunities nor get jealous for the opportunities of others. We all have experiences in life that can change us but we just have to be open, willing and accepting of the change. Oakley Women has sent "us" ambassadors on some amazing trips - Napa Valley, LA, Laguna Beach and now, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Although it may look like all fun and games, there is a purpose behind getting a group of passionate, active individuals toget