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2017 Trimarni Advanced Greenville Training Camp - Photos Day 3 & 4

We knew day 3 of camp would be tough for our campers, physically and mentally. But we couldn't resist giving them a challenging and scenic route to finish off 4 consecutive days of Greenville riding. Many of the campers enjoyed the challenge of getting to the top of Caesar's head (7 mile climb) but the hills were unforgiving as we made our way into the Dupont Forest, in NC. Our riding is not easy here but it is never boring, the cars are friendly to cyclists and you get endless views of nature. I have never been happier riding my bike than in Greenville and I feel so lucky that I can call it my home. The 87- mile  bike route  that Karel planned (with over 10,000 feet of climbing, with elevation correction) was sure to stretch comfort zones but with great team spirit, our campers did not complain and they toughed it out until the end. Joey managed to capture some amazing shots of our journey on two wheels. I don't know how she did it as she not only made sure that we were