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National Nutrition Month & a day I'll never forget

What a great message for the 2013 National Nutrition Month theme: "Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day." According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the theme "encourages personalized healthy eating styles* and recognizes that food preferences, lifestyle, cultural and ethnic traditions and health concerns all impact individual food choices. Registered dietitians play a critical role in helping people eat right, their way, every day." Forget about diet fads, food trends and extreme dietary modifications. This is the month that you can start learning about your own needs and making changes that make YOUR body happy. If you are new to my blog, you may not know that I have only been a RD since June 2011. It was a loooooonngggg journey of becoming a RD and I have many of blogs to remind me of the dedication and time (and money) that was required to earn my RD credential. Prior to my RD journey, I was enjoying life as a post-graduate student, holding a Mast

You aren't eating celery???

Celery isn't the most cravable food. There are those who love celery and those who - well, hate it. Their words, not mine as I am a lover of celery. I suppose there isn't much to hate about it as it doesn't provide many calories and it is quite tasteless but for some reason, celery isn't the choice when it comes to needing something to snack on throughout the day. In my recent article for, in my new column "The Triathlete's Kitchen" I choose celery for the reason that it may be neglected in the athlete's/fitness enthusiasts diet. I find celery to be a remarkable food for what it offers the body and the creation I made (Celery, Apple and Strawberry Salad with Coconut Yogurt) is so delicious that you don't need to be sold on the health benefits of celery to add this veggie to your daily diet. Here's the article and recipe: IRONMAN.COM Also - I just finished a 4-month journey with News Anchor Melanie Lawson-Minor. If you are

Mediterranean eating - it's not about off-limit food

A big thanks to the Today Show for sharing the recent significant research on adopting a more plant strong diet! I really like that the focus was on addressing what "we" should be eating more of rather than talking about bad or off-limit foods. This makes it easier to change eating habits without feeling like you are sticking to a food-controlled diet. Hopefully there will be a follow-up study on adopting a more Mediterranean lifestyle which includes finding the right balance between work, sleep, exercise, food and friends/family. It’s about slowing down at meal times, not rushing life, staying active (moving the body) and enjoying it all through fresh, wholesome foods, enjoyed with family and friends. Today show segment For dinner last night I took use of a few spices in my kitchen. This is just a few of the many herbs and spices that I use with my meals - from morning to night. If you aren't adding herbs and spices to your daily diet, watch this video and y

Move outside of the diet comfort zone

I absolutely love this quote. I think we are all guilty of feeling comfortable in our comfort zone. Although we don't recognize the need to change right at this moment, it isn't until we are open to the idea of change (whether it is necessary or not) that we find it easier to learn more about what we are capable of achieving. Although not everything works out perfectly when you try something new, it is the ability to not fear change that is so very powerful. Over the past few years, I have worked with athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages, levels of fitness and with all types of personal health, fitness and diet goals. I love my job in that no two individuals are alike.  One thing I have learned is that a small change can make a big effect on how a person lives, makes choices and acts. To not approach training or the diet as "black or white" or all-or-none can be hard as everyone wants a quick fix. However, I believe in making small changes and not c