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Chia Baked Oatmeal (and energy balls)

If you are looking for two easy recipes to please the tummies of your friends, family or guests this holiday season, check out these two delicious options from Joey - featured in our last two newsletters. Not only are these recipes easy to make but there's a good chance that you have almost all of the ingredients at home right now. For more tips, education, recipes and motivation on all things health, wellness, nutrition and fitness, be sure to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter here.  Chai Baked Oatmeal By Joey Mock, RD, LD, CLT This baked oatmeal recipe uses the same chai spice blend as the energy balls (featured below). This recipe is easy to prepare and tasty and the leftovers are a quick and satisfying breakfast option. This recipe is not meant to make the entire pan in advance and refrigerate overnight because the oats will absorb too much liquid and result in an over-dry recipe that doesn’t turn out. You can mix up the wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately, ref

When a cookie becomes so much more than just another cookie

The holiday season is a time of socializing, celebration and reunions. It's a time when families, coworkers and friends gather together around food. For those struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food and the body, the holiday season may not be so bright and merry. If you experience great emotional stress around the holiday season, you are not alone. Here are some reasons why the holidays can be so stressful when it come to food: Fear of weight gain. Too many food items available. Guilt around indulging. Feeling weak or out of control. Stress and anxiety. Uncomfortable being seen eating food. Pressure or comments when eating. Worry of offending others. Struggling with "normal" food portions. Remarks about body weight/size. Inability to recognize fullness. Eating on another person's schedule. Having tools to manage triggers and unhealthy thoughts can help you maintain a healthy relationship with food and the body so you can fully enjoy the holidays. Here are

Prove it to yourself

  Drenched after a run workout in the rain.  The first two months of colder months are always really hard for me. I find it incredibly challenging to navigate through all the emotions of races being so far away and it being colder (and more dreary) outside. While I consider myself a very motivated, get-it-done type of person, I struggle in the early part of the winter. I find myself questioning why I workout, why I do triathlons and making excuses as to why I can't workout.  But then I prove it to myself that I can workout. And it actually feels good and I have a productive training session.  Despite the many confusing and unhelpful conversations that often go through my head before a workout, I manage the strength to start a workout. Sometimes it's easy to get started and sometimes it's really, really hard. I never have this problem when it's warm but December/January are always challenging months for me.  I've developed a mantra to help get me out the door (or to