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Behind the scenes - bad workouts

Ugh. I had a few bad workouts this week.  Sure, fatigue and niggles are major components of endurance training but it sure is nice to breeze through workouts without any issues. Perhaps we often take for granted allllllll of those workouts that do go smoothly without any major issues. It's easy to take good health for granted until a setback occurs.  As athletes, we are constantly balancing training stress and recovery in order to achieve positive adaptions. Sometimes we get the recipe right and sometimes an ingredient or two is missing and the final product turns out, well......really unpleasant.  On Sunday morning, I had a really great run on the neighborhood hills below Paris Mountain. I was feeling so much gratitude toward my body for being so strong and resilient. But toward the last few miles of the run, the posterior tibial tendon of my right leg became really inflammed from the up and downhills as well as from the camber of the road. I tried to minimize the inflammation by

Before you start a 30-day challenge, read this!

A 30-day challenge is a great way to implement new healthy habits into your lifestyle, push yourself through fears or to try something different. Hey, it's only 30-days....what's the worst that could happen? Although time-bound challenges can be effective for behavior modifications, many people fail to reach the finish line. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you jump on the 30-day challenge bandwagon: 👍PROS: Changing habits is hard. With it comes great pressure and self-doubt as you think about committing to "forever." In the big picture of the year, 30-days is a period just long enough for you to experiment with what works and what doesn't work. You can begin to understand how the change affects you emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. A challenge allows you to open your mind to new possibilities or a new ways of doing things and gives you confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Plus, it can put you well on your way to making something

Fueling the athlete - tune in live 1/12/21

Unlock Your Body's Full Potential With Good Nutrition Habits Hi athletes, weekend warriors and fitness enthusiasts, When did sport nutrition and nutritious eating become so complicated? No matter your fitness level, as an athlete, your goal is to fuel your body to optimize your training and racing and to protect your mental and physical health. In a culture of information intoxication, it's essential to remember that food is your fuel. If you lack an understanding of how to keep your body nourished and fueled or you struggle with your relationship with body image or food, it will be difficult to meet your energy needs. The bottom line is that you can't adapt to training and unlock your body's full potential if you don't fuel properly. Proper fueling involves following basic sport nutrition guidelines without becoming obsessive over body weight, calories or food. You don't have to achieve a specific body composition or follow a rigid fueling plan to achieve athle

Weekly training recap - swim, bike, run

  It's been a wild week (emotionally) but we are incredibly grateful for some sort of normalcy with our swim, bike, run training.  Karel made a quick 24-hour trip to Washington, DC on Sun and returned home on Monday. A month or so ago, Karel realized that his Czech passport was going to expire this year. To renew his Czech passport, he needs to go to the Czech embassy in DC to get an updated one. The embassy scheduled him for Jan 4th at 10am so it was a quick trip there and back. Thankfully, Karel enjoyed a safe and peaceful trip, as well as a run around the historic monuments.  It was weird to be alone for those 24-hours (well, just me and the 4 furry kids) as Karel and I spend pretty much all day, every day together. Thinking back, I think it's been several years since we have been apart for more than a day. In the late afternoon, I went on a 2-hour bike ride with mom. She really enjoys riding her bike on the country roads in our area and exploring new routes. She has really