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Showing posts from September 5, 2021

The (Best) Worst Timing

  We got sick and our PCR test results came back COVID-19 positive.  Karel had his worst symptoms (flu-like body aches, night sweats, fatigue, no energy, but no fever) from August 27th-30th. I had my worst symptoms (flu-like body aches, sinus congestion, running nose, wet cough, fatigue, low energy, but no fever) from September 1st-3rd. It took us both another 3-4 days until we started to feel more like our normal self. I am still without taste or smell and my sinuses are still very congested. After waiting three days for an appointment, we both tested positive on September 3rd.  Thankfully, we were not in close contact with many people over the past two weeks. We don't eat out, we don't go indoors without a mask (grocery and post office are the only two places we go indoors) and Karel only had three bike fits in the two weeks before he was tested positive. We have two training partners (Alvi and Kristen) so we notified them and they both tested negative. I told my mom and her

Taper and Body Image Dissatisfaction

In the week or two before your big race and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror while you are trying on your race day outfit or you come across a recent picture of you training and racing. What thoughts go through your head as it relates to your body image?  No matter how you think you look like or how you feel about your body, don't let negative body image thoughts sabotage your taper.  Body image is the mental picture that you have of your own body but also how you see yourself when you look in the mirror. It also refers to the way you believe others see you. Self-esteem is how you respect and value yourself but also how you take care of yourself physically, nutritionally and emotionally.  Because body image and self-esteem are closely related, when you have a healthy body image, you know how to and want to take care of your body. When you are dissatisfied with your body, you will not feel comfortable about your body and will not make smart choices to take care of your

IM 70.3 World Championship - Knowing You Belong

With less than two weeks until the 2021 Ironman 70.3 World Championship, there's a lot of nervous energy going around. This 70.3 "World" Championship event is a bit unique in that the majority of the participants will not be international athletes but instead, representing USA. Certainly this is understandable as we are still in a global pandemic and each country has different guidelines, rules and regulations for travel and quarantine. When an event is in your home country, it makes it a bit easier to travel to.  Although there was still a qualification process for every participant in this event, I've encountered many athletes who feel less deserving of qualifying because of the greater number of slots available at North America 70.3 events.  At Trimarni, we will have over 20 athletes participating in this event (including me, Karel and our assistant coach Joe). We ordered team shirts and tanks, we have team events planned and we are super excited to share this expe